October 7, 2009

Psy Arena 2 Updated!

Telepath Psy Arena 2 is now v 1.02, with some substantial boosts in performance for both the Windows and Mac/Linux versions. Hit the jump for instructions on getting the update if you’ve already purchased the game!

To update from a previous version of the game:

1. Back up your saved games.

2. Uninstall Psy Arena 2.

3. Download the latest version of the game and reinstall. (You should be able to download it from the same place you downloaded the earlier version the first time.)

  • Peter

    could you tell what’s new in the update???

  • KZ

    It’s quite simple: cstern updated his game with a bug fix, but that affected game speed, so he made another fix, and now the game runs faster than ever before, plus it doesn’t have a few minor bugs in it.

  • lonerspack

    Yay! I thought it was a virus on my computer, but now i dont have to drop $50!

  • Thomas

    The site where I bought the game doesn’t allow me to download it again, without purchasing it. I’m not sure what I did with the receipt, So I’m pretty much stuck here. Is there some way of confirming that I’ve bought the game? Like, E-mail confirmation or something?

  • Thomas

    Never mind my last comment. I’ve retrieved my account password, but I can’t seem to find a way to get the update from BMT Micro. Has anyone else gotten it through that site?

  • cstern

    Hey Thomas, just download the game again. (There isn’t a separate file labeled as an update.)

  • Thomas

    I can’t download the game without purchasing it all over again. My credit card info is already stored on the site when I log in, so I haven’t tried to click the purchase button. My problem is that I somehow managed to delete the mail with the download link I received when I purchased the game (the receipt).

    I mailed BMT Micro customer service the other day, so hopefully they will be able to help me.