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Tutorial: Making a Telepath Tactics Campaign, Part 13

<< Continued from Part 12 A. Intro to variables If you’ve ever programmed before, then you already know what a variable is–skip right ahead to section B. For everyone else: it’s time to learn about variables! A variable is just a symbol that stands for something else. Remember algebra from…

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Tutorial: Making a Telepath Tactics Campaign, Part 9

<< Continued from Part 8 A. Using ChangeCondition Welcome back! As promised, it’s now time to discuss changing battle conditions using script actions. Battle conditions, as you may recall from Part 5B, govern basic settings and rules for the battlefield. Using the ChangeCondition script action, we can actually change these…

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Tutorial: Making a Telepath Tactics Campaign, Part 8

<< Continued from Part 7 A. Intro to script actions We now know how to write dialogue and structure conversation trees, but we haven’t yet touched on the deepest, most powerful thing available to us in conversations (and arguably, in the game itself): script actions! Script actions are Telepath Tactics’s…

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Telepath Tactics February 2015 Update

You guys! This is probably going to be the last of the monthly updates for Telepath Tactics, as development is drawing to a close. You probably saw that Telepath Tactics has an official release date now: April 16, 2015. As promised, this past month was spent fixing bugs and adding…

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