July 5, 2009

Telepath RPG Chapter 3 Trailer

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, I uploaded a trailer for the latest Telepath RPG game a few weeks ago. Here it is, for your viewing pleasure:

While the game is still very much in-progress, there is a public in-browser demo of Telepath RPG Chapter 3 available for you to play right here.

  • this game is great so do you know when your going to finish telepathic 3

  • and i think the trailer you posted up was sweet and the big guy with the horns looks beasty and insanely hard to kill if you have to kill him

  • Ryu

    Telepath is a legend ;D
    Gl making 3. mates

  • I agree with you it is a legend

  • Andrew

    were does the trial end i find the game to be very addictive and want to go on past the execution part but can’t

  • Andrew

    and all the games they make will be ledgens

  • Andrew

    go sinister design team you rock

  • Tyler

    Cmon team, hurry it up a little. I’m getting impatient with waiting for this sick game.

  • pat

    any idea when tprpg3 will be finished?

  • kas

    pat, it has been said many times but the maker of the game dont yet know when is it ready, and great trailer

  • nice trailer but i almost fish to the end in the trailer when the parents are going to be exucuted but when i press yes but won’t let me go so i guesss im done playing the demo

  • Kyle

    omg lol me and my frend have been waiting for like hmmm 1 to 2 years for af lash game lol we love the telepath games there ownage lmao gl on tprpg 3 it looks awsome

  • kas

    It seems that forums arent working…


    I’m going crazy

  • cstern

    Beat the mission with the spirits, and all will become clear.

  • Kid

    Great games! cant wait for it to finish

  • stanley

    man when can i get to the next orb and crypt 2
    and i want to save the dubalers from execution

  • Andrew

    one month alradey and its not done hurry up guys gezzz

  • TheQ

    Is it me or can you not get passed the 2nd floor of crypt one apart from that one room? Or am I just missing something

  • cstern

    You’re missing something. 🙂

  • TheQ

    Any chance of telling me? I’ve already spent months on it!

  • TheQ

    Is there a way of jumping? Or bring the platform down?

  • TheQ

    Give up!

  • cstern

    I’d look at one of the walkthroughs.

  • TheQ

    walkthroughs? and these are where?

  • TheQ

    found them