August 6, 2015

Telepath Tactics v. 1.041 patch

And another update! As should be expected when introducing big changes to core systems, there were some bugs in yesterday’s update. Luckily, I was able to quickly knock out the most severe of them:

– fixed a bug in which starting a game in a new, never-before-used slot would cause an error

– fixed a bug in which the game would sometimes mistakenly load “null” items into what should be an empty character inventory.

– fixed a bug in which the game would freeze upon closing the Reserve Supplies screen after making changes.

– fixed the feature where the game saves any changes you make to your common inventory and individual character inventories during the deployment phase before a battle.

– fixed a bug in which the game would incorrectly parse items with multiple types of requirements (e.g. both race and class requirements) when loading from a saved game, which made it so the game didn’t read them properly.

– fixed a bug where dragging-and-dropping was somewhat inaccurate when swapping characters out of reserves and onto the battlefield.

Unfortunately, if you converted your old saved games to the new format using version 1.04, they are likely to not work quite right, and it is recommended that you start a new campaign.

As always, remember to report any bugs you find in this forum, and I’ll get right onto fixing them!

  • Alkaline

    Did you intentionally remove the “Undo Move” button or is that a bug? That bug was very useful as it can be too easy to click on the wrong character by mistake and not realise until they have moved.

  • Alkaline

    I meant “that BUTTON was very useful” 🙂

  • Alkaline

    Ah, installed the patch just before a mission with fog of war. i guess the Undo Move button is intentionally disabled for that mission to prevent scouting ahead. However, during that mission (golem parts) I could walk off the screen completely to the left and enemies were also hiding off-screen. The mission also ended with the fanfare and score but would not let me exit it (I could even still select my team members). I had to crash out and luckily the autosave put me on the next mission. At the start of the next mission (rescuing the 2 lizard people) any of my characters who had been in the previous mission were now completely black. Additionally, the screen keeps defaulting to the new zoomed in mode that you implemented (which I dislike) and while it is zoomed in the UI disappears completely. Hitting F1 is the only way to bring Settings back up and I can then reset the view to how it used to be (zoomed out). It would be great if the game could remember my settings so I don’t have to change them every mission.

    I love your game so much, but I am regretting upgrading from v1.39 which seemed bug free to me.

  • CraigStern

    Hey! Not to worry, I’m mopping up the bugs; for now, though, you can help me fix this stuff by posting in the forums. 🙂

  • Alkaline

    Will do