November 20, 2009


Telepath RPG Chapter 3 is now Telepath RPG: Servants of God. Some of you may have noticed me quietly changing the name here and there over the past week or two. Hit the jump to read my reasons.

Telepath RPG: Servants of God

Perhaps the most important reason for the change is that I want TSoG to stand on its own. I grow increasingly embarrassed with Telepath RPG Chapter 1 as time goes by, and I don’t want people new to the series to feel obliged to play it before trying out the much, much, much better games that follow it.

On a related note, the “Chapter” designation leads to the expectation that the storyline is necessarily a continuation of the earlier chapters. TSoG will be linked to the earlier chapters in some ways–but in most ways, it won’t. I’d rather that the narrative threads linking TSoG to the earlier games remain a pleasant discovery for old fans, not an inducement for people to put off playing TSoG until they’ve played its inferior predecessors.

Calling the latest game “Chapter 3” just invites people new to the series to feel like they’re missing something by coming in in the middle of the story. The thought that new players will say, “Oh, I have to play the first two chapters so I’m not missing vital plot and character development,” then simply give up when they realize that the first chapter is terrible, keeps me awake at night. I want people to judge the series based on its best entry–not on TRPG1, the first game I ever made in Flash. (Even TRPG2, which I feel has held up rather well, feels a little half-baked by comparison to TSoG.)

There is one last reason why I’ve renamed the game to Telepath RPG: Servants of God: it suits the central theme of the game, and it’s way more attention-grabbing than Telepath RPG: Chapter 3, or even Telepath RPG Chapter 3: Servants of God. Brevity is the soul of wit–it’s also key to having a catchy title.

  • TheQ

    A very, very wise choice. Looks like you’ve out a lot of thought into it.

    When will the final version be out?

  • Fish!

    Yeah, when will the final version be out? AND I’ll have you know good sir/ma’am that I was very fond of Telepath RPG Chapter 1. Still am. So…*blows raspberry.*

  • cstern

    Thanks Fish! I don’t mean to knock Chapter 1 too much–I still have a soft spot for the story it tells.

    The biggest problem with Chapter 1 is that it’s simply much too difficult for an introductory chapter. A surprisingly (or perhaps, unsurprisingly) large number of the people who play Chapter 1 never go on to play Chapter 2. On Newgrounds, for example, Chapter 1 has almost twice the number of views that Chapter 2 has.

    That’s a real problem. My suspicion is that a large number of people never actually manage to infiltrate the shadowling camp and beat Noctus, and that they simply give up on the series then and there. Which is why I want newcomers to the games to skip straight to TSoG.

  • lonerspack

    I played TRPG2 first, so i always care about it, and although i did quit for like a month, going over plans on how to actually beat it, I did come back and finish it, and i REALLY liked it! Full of excitment! But i never really liked the first chapter because it just didn’t “grab” me and pull me into the story. I still managed to play/understand the second one even though i didnt play the first one until i finished it, i was just confused about the brother thing. Anywho, i really enjoyed the second and the first one, so dont beat yourself up over things, ok? I look forward to seeing your next creation oh great game designer cstern!

    – lonerspack

  • KZ

    Well, chapter 1 certainly has its nostalgia value about it. Though I have to say that, apart from the resosns you give, many people might not try TRPG2 after trying TRPG1 not only because infiltrating the camp is difficult and Noctus’ health scales with the player’s, but also because the graphics and the entire battle-engine are quite different in TRPG2, and I suspect many of those who haven’t tried TRPG2 either haven’t reached the stage where they can see the new battle-engine, or haven’t even attempted TRPG2 in the first place.
    Are you thinking of re-doing TRPG1 in the same style as TRPG2 and 3 (e.g. battle-engine wse, if not graphics-wise)?

  • cstern

    It’s a possibility, but far from being a top priority right now.

  • TheQ

    You still haven’t told us when it will be complete? Or is that because you don’t want to give out a date as of yet?

  • cstern

    I still don’t know. Once I have a clear idea of how long it’ll take to finish, believe me, I won’t be shy about telling you all.

  • dan cash

    couldent you build a remastered version to improve it and possibly make that fight a little easier and use that one as a good lead in

  • Thomas

    Is this one going to be for free? I’m not sure if I’ll buy the game, since I still haven’t gotten the update for Telepath Arena. Just doesn’t seem like it’s worth the money if I have to buy the game all over again to get an update, just because I didn’t keep the receipt. Didn’t get much help on the issue either.

  • cstern

    The Telepath Psy Arena 2 updates have been available for weeks. You just have to download the game again using the same link you used the first time. Or am I missing something?

    Anyway, to answer your question: yes, TSoG will cost money once it’s finished.

  • Steven

    I played trpg2 first and then was bored and searched for the first one and never took a liking to it because of the different battle style

  • whynot?

    yeah i greatly prefer the new battle engine over the original, although i was one of those that had trouble with the first battle and kinda gave up on the game. i played #2 first though so…..

  • matt

    when will it be available to play online? That’s all i want to know.

  • cstern
  • ummm… excuse me, where should I find Mahboob’s sister? coz I’ve been traveling for so long and I couldn’t find her. P-L-E-A-S-E could someone tell me where she is? (ASAP)

  • cstern

    Hey DFG, she isn’t in the game just yet. She’s coming in a future update.

  • ok.

  • w8, what do you mean ‘she isn’t in the game just yet’? I saw her pal. She’s in the West Ravinale.

  • TheQ

    Why is it every time you do an update, we have to start from the beginning? 🙁

  • Bob


  • fish

    so we can fight at the exeicution now

  • Pabloboii

    When is the next update and what’s on it?

  • sokwok

    will there still be a free version once youve finished? i really like this game so i want to keep playing but i dont want to pay.

  • Well, I’m here hunting down chapter 1, I always play the older “storyline” games before, it makes much more sense. e.g. I haven’t played any C&C title (except the shooter) until I finish RA1, add-ons, RA2, add-ons, etc. So don’t worry, not everyone is a n00b 😛
    An idea: Tell people that Chap1 is a prologue, and only there to get some storyline 😉

  • Dorgon 5000

    Are you kidding? That second game was great! It had a great atmosphere, a good combat system and a multiplayer mode I like very much. And the secret charachters, places and objects (I haven´t found all of them yet) makes it very exiting to replay. It has great music and a great story, it´s not as childish as japanese RPG´s, but not as bloody as most american ones.
    But most of all, i think that the atmosphere did it.