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May 8, 2010

TSoG Demo Out!

The first downloadable demo for Telepath RPG: Servants of God is out! (For Windows, that is. AIR is giving me some issues at the moment.)

The improvements this version contains over the browser-based demo:

  • Brand spankin’ new character portraits!
  • A rewritten audio engine!
  • Tons of sound effects!
  • Better enemy AI!
  • Bugs fixes galore!
  • The entire game’s soundtrack in mp3 format!

So, what are you waiting for? Get the demo here!

  • Edbob

    AWESOME!!! I hope I get to see some really cool spells…

  • Zhampir

    Um… you may wish to take the “:” out of the name.. as computers have issues making file paths with it.^^

  • dudu1061

    How do I install? has a part that is installed and has a business there from Sand Storm not give passes on, how do to pass?

  • calaveras

    Awww, Duvalier looks like such a cute little emo, so pale for the desert. Can’t wait for the Mac version!

  • Dorgon 5000

    Will you be able to take the save file with you from the demo to the full game?

  • Craig Stern

    Hey Dorgon, that depends on how much new stuff I add to the finished game. If the old save doesn’t work, it’ll be because I’ve added a ton of new quests for the game to keep track of. :)

  • Jesus

    I have a mac!!! This demo is not downloadable for macs. Would it be possible to format it for macs?

  • Jesus

    I hate macs

  • ^^

    So far so good. A lot of bugs, though… It seems I have two Armans and two Sets, though. ^^

  • Craig Stern

    Yeah, I just caught that this morning. There’s a fixed version uploading right now. (It’ll be finished up loading in about 20 minutes.)

  • : O

    so when will the mac version be out?

  • Craig Stern

    It’s hard to say. That depends entirely on how soon I can get Flash to cooperate. :S

  • FlyingFinn

    This demo is awesome! 😀 Though it doesn´t have music and sound effects…(or it does have files for those, but they don´t work in the game.)

  • Craig Stern

    Hey FlyingFinn, thanks! I’m glad you’re liking the game. :)

    The sounds should work. Make sure the .mp3s are in the same directory as the game, and that you have sound turned on.

  • TheQ

    Hey. This is exciting news! Do you have an idea as to when you’ll be completely finished then? And lol at the last comment ‘and that you have sound turned on’.

  • FlyingFinn

    Yap, I have sounds on. I checked that first, of course! I´ll have a look at that mp3 thing… thanks.

  • Duani

    Dude! God bless you!!! Can’t wait t try it out!

  • Jomo

    Dude you guys did a very nice job on this and I can’t wait for it to be done entirely.

  • Naxylldritt

    60 MB? Wow. At this rate, you may want to offer a torrent to download future demos, especially with the possibility of voicing. Knowing you, though, I’m certain this will still be about quality over quantity. Impressive work, indeed.

  • harry

    holy shit. this is the very embodyment of amazingness.

  • Mykolas

    Something seems to be wrong with my demo. It downloads fine, and so long as it opens straight from installation, it works fine. But when I try to open it later, it treats the game as an unreadable text file. Does anyone know how to fix this?

  • CraigStern

    The installer seems to be creating faulty shortcuts to the game. Try going to the installation folder and double-clicking the .exe file.

  • Mykolas

    That's just it. The only thing that's on my computer related to the game, that I can find, is a text file with 0 bytes in it. It's as if exiting the demo wipes it from my computer.

  • Jeremiah

    I haven't downlaoded yet, because I don't want to play until the full version is done. ^_^

    Is this the full version?

  • CraigStern

    Nope. When the full version is out, believe me, you'll know. :)

  • Jeremiah

    Okay. It's definitely worth the wait. The Telepath RPG series is probably my favourite set of online games, I can't wait to play it! I just know it's going to be an epic source of pure awesomeness!

  • ChampionerX

    Can you PLEASE put at least Somnus into the demo of this game? When I tried downloading this it wouldn't work. :( I hope you put one of my favorite parts in the demo such as Somnus.

    I'm a big fan of your games!

  • B811697

    Have you been working on all of this by yourself, beacauase this is incredible