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I was just going through the prison break sequence and thought about how the dialogue was changed to include a part where the Hero struggles to come to terms with the fact that he killed a fellow human being. Given how this, and other subjects, including religion and death have been examined in TSoG, and how death count and all has been briefly looked upon in TPA2, I think it would be nice to include a "total number of beings killed" counter, as well as an additional counter for "total number of people killed by the Hero" specifically. The design is twofold: it can be quite thought provking, it might say something about the Hero's (or, rather, the player's) character, it may affect some events in the game and it is something players can compare and talk about, as it is statistical in origin. Given that it has been implemented before, I don't think it will be too hard for Craig to code in, though I am not sure about deaths coming from one specific unit counter (which I consider to be the more interesting one- as you often see a Hero in a series commit his first murder... then they become countless, like the Richard character from the Wizard Rules series by Terry Goodkind).
What are your thoughts on this, folks?