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I had hoped that this newest update would have fixed this, but apparently not.  I restarted today, and got to the Rescue Meridian fight, only to discover that Zimmer is starting at level 9, rather than level 3 or whatever he should be.  And yes, this game is saved over a previously used saved game.  Screenshot and logs attached.
Directly after the battle with Gunther there is a dialogue screen that remains blank.  I'm not sure, but it might be the time when you get to talk to your party.  After that it takes you directly to the next battle, with no dialogue or anything.  Attached is a log.  Also at the start of this battle I found that I was missing a number of items, and weapons were equipped on characters who can't use them.  The same log file should suffice for that.
This issue is similar to the one I had with Zimmer at level 9 (its in another post).  I'm not sure, but I certainly may have overwritten my higher level game.  And he probably was level 9.  As a matter of fact, his equipment may have carried over as well, since now that I think of it, he was only equipped with a longbow that I'd recently received (all my other bows have been spirited away over the course of the game.
Continued attachments from previous post.  Hopefully they prove helpful.
Well, something else happened, involving phantom levels.

I started a new game.  Last night, in the caravan battle I had an issue where Scarlet did not start with bandages in her inventory.  (Screenshot 1, either Log 1 or 2). I managed to complete the scenario anyway.  (Luckily it was Lakshmi again, that happened to me before, in a previous version of the game.  The battle was impossible). 

Now, tonight, in the Rescuing Meridian battle, Zimmer is starting at level 9 and equipped with a longbow!  (Screenshot 2, Log 3) I'm tempted to just accept it and keep playing, but it would bother me throughout the game.  So reverting back to an earlier save.

Also, there are still significant equipment loss issues.  In fact, that is why I started the game again.  And it is happening again already.  I've been trying to back up my saves multiple times.  (Question, how does the auto-save feature work?  Does it always save to the last file that you saved to?).  So, I have three saved games, all at the start of Rescuing Meridian, all three with different sets of inventory. (And yes Zimmer is lv9 in all three of them). One has all the stuff that a should have, one is lacking quite a bit, and the other is lacking even more.  The screenshots (#s 3,4 and 5) only show the party inventory screen, you'll have to take my word for it that the missing equipment isn't hiding in anyone's backpack.  (Logs 4,5 and 6).
I'm afraid I can't think of anything.
Regarding the bugs that I listed above, I went back into the game and loaded up the next battle, and found that the errors that I mentioned (Rebeccah with a bow, and Spriggat at too high a level) are still in effect.  Attached below is log for that.  I printed more screenshots, but I don't believe that they add anything.

By the way, I'm finding that I can't safely minimize the game, for instance, to report a bug, or visit these forums.  The game is liable to freeze up on me, or simply not allow minimization.  Even accessing the Steam community fails to work more often than not.  And I don't generally have that issue with other games on Steam.  Also attached is a screenshot with the Steam community overlay frozen over the game, but unfortunately I wasn't able to produce a log file for some reason.  I'll try again next time it happens.
I hadn't played the game in a while, was waiting until some of the bugs were resolved.  I've encountered some, but I'm afraid I don't have any logs to show, since I forgot how to print them.  Next time, I will be sure to do so.  In any case, here are some issues that I've found:

While recruiting Rebeccah Flare, she came equipped with bow.  She was still able to use her spells at least.  (First Screenshot).

Also, doesn't the Spriggat join you at level 1 ?   2nd screenshot, he is in the first battle, after only having attacked 2 or 3 times, at level 5.

If I find anything else I'll be sure to include a log file as well.

I don't have any logs to go with this, I'm afraid.  Next time it occurs, I'll get one though.  But I was wondering if anyone else is noticing this? 

What happens is this:  sometimes, after a character has finished his/her turn I'll note that they are able to act and move again, even though I haven't ended my teams turn.  (And yes, I am aware that some skills don't end a characters turn).  Hitting shift+D doesn't prevent this.  It could be that in at least some of these instances the 'undo' command has undone actions, although it shouldn't do so, but it has happened too many times for it to all be attributable to a bugged undo command.  One more thing that may be noteworthy, the frequency of this occurrence seemed to have increased dramatically in the battles which directly preceding total game freezes.  I've experienced two of these, one at the drawbridge (in v1.026, after it was fixed) and then during a cut scene following the apple battle (which ought to be fixed as of the next version).  The latter battle (the apple one) was nearly unplayable, as every time I'd turn around (so to speak) another character or three had gone and refreshed their action and movement counters.   
No one died in the previous battle, and I don't remember whether I had purchased anything yet.  Sorry I couldn't be of more help.  It does seem that the issue occurs between battles.  Its happened to me other times, but I don't think I've ever noticed it in the middle of a battle.  Usually I notice it when I'm in the pre-battle item management screen.
Well, here's a couple screenshots.  Can I send you my save game files somehow?
This has happened to me numerous times.  Very annoying.  I just started a new game tonight, in fact, and when I got to the first merchant, I selected "Manage Items" and found that Emma and the axe-wielder were both equipped with lances, and there gear was nowhere to be found!  The first log attached here is from right when I noticed it, while still in the merchant screen.  The second is from the start of the next fight, when the equipment bug is still in effect.  I guess I'll be going back to an earlier save point... a save anywhere, anytime function, at least during battles, would be enormously appreciated.
Telepath Tactics Bugs / game froze during cutscene
April 30, 2015, 08:49:45 AM
After the apple fight, when the dialogue was about to start, the game froze.  I've attached a screenshot and the log.  The log isn't actually from right when it happened, but the game also appears to have saved itself right at the moment of freezing, so I could go back to get it.  In other words, I'm down to 2 save slots, and have to back track a couple battles.

One odd thing to note that you can't tell by the screen shot is that I can actually move the heads of Emma and Sabrina, along with the empty dialogue box, in all directions around the screen with the left and right arrows. 

Another thing that has been going on with increasing frequency in this game is an issue where character's turns refresh when they shouldn't.  As in, they've taken actions which ended their turn, and then all of a sudden they can act again.   During the battle directly preceding my game freezing it seemed to be happening more often than not, which was rather frustrating.