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Telepath Tactics / Some suggestions for Liberated Edition
« on: November 16, 2021, 01:21:40 AM »
1) By default, have player characters avoid pathing into dangerous terrain if they can go around for same move distance. Examples being a player-laid snare or a campfire.

2) Status duration. For example a unit pushed down from high up gets stunned for 2 turns but at a glance no way to know. Even worse if player had to leave and come back. Shield buffs too.
EDIT: Very important for Blind too, to know if unit is still harmless the following turn or not.

3) A way to cycle through all visible foes on the map so player can more easily look at their stats/equipment.

4) Minimap. On bigger maps it can be tedious to keep track of, let alone notice all foes/chests initial locations.

5) Option to always display hp bars so player can tell at a glance status of a unit, allied or foe.

6) A way to display enemy "damage" from the mouse-over that currently shows movement and the like. Maybe something like "12-15" to account for different skill damages and/or distance penalty on ranged skills. This would be to let player know what threats to keep an eye out for with just a mouseover instead of having to open the full info.

7) Telegraph incoming enemy spawns. In defend the camp mission there were several cases of foe spawning and attacking an exposed unit without any means of counterplay.

8) to avoid going into the full info, display dropped items in the mouse-over info could be nice.

9) Most missions have a time limit, could be nice if there was a toggle to allow a more casual player to take their time with more of them.

10) Not sure if this would work with current AI, but it occurred to me height manipulation could be a fun tool to add to current options. Something such as being able to turn a tree into a 2-tall ladder or a bridge via non-engineer units, or letting an engineer "dig" dirt to either raise or lower terrain by 1. The former to make a ranged unit platform or a ramp and the latter to force foes through a poor position or ramp.

Telepath Tactics Bugs / Special edition demo feedback and bugs.
« on: January 20, 2020, 01:02:48 AM »
Using "Pull " when there was nowhere to move (was against a wall) rendered the state unable to proceed. I got the proper "Path blocked!" message, but menus never returned. Panning still works, as does zooming but I can't hit esc to open the menu so can only close the game with X, alt f4, ect.

Didn't get a screenshot first time, but was able to reproduce this bug, just that the log and image won't match.

Only played a little so far, feedback currently consists of:
1) As bugfartboy pointed out, zoom is inconsistent and not far enough.
2) Camera zooms in whenever a character uses a skill. I can understand the reasoning for this but would like an option to disable it ,or have it match the current zoom level instead of getting close.

General Discussion / Shoutout to Age of Fear
« on: November 06, 2019, 10:40:56 AM »
Just really a thanks to Craig! I stumbled upon his Reddit account which led me to discovering the wonderful series Age of Fear (I've since sunk over 100 hours into it) and a lovely subreddit /r/StrategyRpg which is exactly to my liking.

Telepath Tactics / Observations from my blind playthrough
« on: August 06, 2019, 12:25:47 AM »
As title pretty much, I plan on editing this. Currently about 10 chapters in or so. I suspect most of my complaints will not be an issue in the current project but presumably feedback never hurts!

Things I like:
1) Multiple units per class is a nice thing. Yay for redundancy if losing one, or just letting player field multiple of the same class.
2) Randomly generated maps are awesome! So far I've only observed two but a lot of fun to have such a things in an official campaign.
3) Haven't messed with it, but mod support is always awesome!
4) Ambush spawns waiting a turn to attack are great!
5) The graphics as a whole are great and music superb.
6) Optional grinding by not finishing objectives and then spamming things like Shove and Hover. Slowdown ruins this sadly.
7) Fall-off damage with range, and most things having 100% accuracy. I'm glad mental attacks exist to handle blind, and evasive foes.
8) Drowned enemy items drop on shore!
9) Terrain manipulation!
10) Variable range on many attacks that in older games were fixed. For example bow being able to shoot at range 2-4 instead of just 2-2.
11) Friendly fire, and I guess "enemy fire" in terms of heals.
12) Not being able to pass through allied units.
13) Xp scaling based on level gaps.
14) Cavalier (I love the fact they're giant mantis instead of horses too) and archers being able to hit and run. Yay for Canto+ in terms of Fire Emblem. (I'm a big FE fan)
15) Hotseat multiplayer! Now if only I had someone to play against...
16) Generic units that can be summoned by general in hotseat!
17) I love that units drop all items they have equipped on death. Yay for looting.
18) Rather fond of the seemingly rock-paper-scissors of unit classes. Similar to FE in that regard.
19) Really enjoying the variety of items both consumable and not. At first didn't like bandages not taking a turn but at this point enjoying it.
20) Energy system is wonderful for balance, and fits thematically.
21) Skill balance. The damage, range and cost of just about every skill seems very fair and carefully tested.
22) I like  movement not ending a turn, as well as the undo button. Letting a unit move 2 tiles and then later 2 more definitely helps with the "can't move through units" thing.
23) "Interesting" Class promotions. At this point I've only gotten some of my units to the second tier of class and of those only some were more than a mere stat gain. However for example Mentalists getting lower energy cost for two skills, and an extra range on another (aside from stat gains) was fun to see and certainly can change how I will use them.

Things I don't, many of which could be fixed with the built in mod support but not all.
1) Skills don't mention range in description so when first facing a foe with an unknown skill player can't react.
2) Shop and inventory management definitely isn't ideal, weapon durability isn't shown in the shop and needing to drag an item to a unit from the manage items supply to even view requirements shouldn't be needed.
3) Growths per level  and what level units learn skills is hidden. At least some idea would be nice such as "By level 5 an archer will have gained 5% crush resistance, 1 counter, 8 hp and 4 energy" And "a new skill is learned at level 8".
4) Having too-many skills (for example in campaign with the Mentalist) makes it "overflow" out of the skill bar.
5) Seemingly no keyboard-only support.
6) Inability to sell items causes non-consumables to accumulate over time.
7) Lack of "suspend" is not a good thing, players don't always have time to sit for multiple hours on a map.
8) Even if player caused it, burning, poisoning or drowning damage doesn't award xp on kill.
9) Sadly AI is confused by lack of bridges (that get blown up) and doesn't seem capable of building their own.
10) Only a few types of terrain have effects, more is better!
11) Elevation is telegraphed poorly,  it can come as a surprise when unit knocked off land takes fall damage and can't swim up.
12) Status effects from damaging attacks feel unbalanced with a heavy favor to freeze, followed by slow+weaken and blind. The remaining ones feel weak. Maybe changing them to be percentage based or increased proc change would help. Or, lowering chance to proc the more powerful effects. Or even changing casting costs.
13) No in-battle turn counter or status effect display timer. If a unit is Slowed for example I can only guess how much longer it will last.
14) No minimap or zoom option. Best thing to do currently is to hit f12, look at full map in paint.
15) Honestly, not fond of the character mugs. Every other art asset looks good (especially class sprites) but faces just feel uncanny.
16) In the local matches, most classes don't have a full "skillset" compared to what is learned by their campaign counterparts.
17) Maybe I'm missing something, but seems to be no multiplayer outside of hotseat.
18) So far I've only noticed two ways to really effect enemy equipment (skill with chance to drop weapon, or skill to take control and make them drop it) but most enemies unlike the player aren't even equipped with anything. Of course, the player isn't able to use most skills with no weapon. Presumably this was done since if all foes dropped weapons durability would never be an issue. No idea how to resolve this, but didn't feel fair.
19) Skill variety. New units with a fully new skillset are great, but as a fan of previous games in the series I was disappointed to discover most of the older classes had little to no new attacks (telepaths seemingly only gained a status effect buffing skill and something to counteract status effect and give resistance to magic) Perhaps some terrain manipulation focused skills could help but I'd love to see more offensive skills too.
20) Skill damage formulas not being shown.
21) Game always starts in fullscreen. Might be able to change launch options manually though.
22) Minimap isn't clear enough to easily make out specifics such as chests. Allowing it to be resizable would help.

Telepath Tactics / Gameplay slowdown
« on: August 04, 2019, 02:13:28 PM »
I know, long overdue (played the demo several times, and messed about early levels of the official campaign on release). Finally giving the game a proper playthrough and was unhappy to find that as battle went on the fps dropped slowly, but eventually reaching a point it was nearly unplayable.

Is there any known fix? I would imagine restarting the game between battles help, but a lack of "Suspend" feature means a slow battle has to be redone or trudged through.

Telepath Tactics / Updating the game version
« on: January 12, 2015, 06:09:02 AM »
Having finally picked up TT about a week ago (yay!) I found it rather annoying that "updating" is downloading a new .exe, overwriting the previous version. I was wondering if there's any way, preferably in-game to apply a minor patch instead of having to reinstall the game with every new update.

General Discussion / The forum
« on: October 24, 2012, 05:32:48 PM »
I cant help but feel as if the "real" forums are dead. all that is posted these days is on the forum games, does anyone still play TSoG anymore? and if so, lets start some discussion.

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