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Together in Battle / demo observed bug list
May 02, 2022, 07:33:37 PM
Thank you for sharing a demo on steam.  It looks nice and has played mostly smoothly, however I have thusfar encountered one minor bug and one game-breaking bug.

1) if a flying character uses levitate with the steamhopter and ends in water, the next turn they will be drowning even though they are flying type

2) a random scripted event after an arena battle finished had a child shadowling asking for help due to people harassing them.  I agreed which lead to a battle-map, but after deploying my team the scripted battle did not run.

3) the hardest difficulty salaries are ridiculous - have these been playtested?  I find it hard to believe that it would be possible to meet the first two week salary while maintaining food and not buying a single thing.

lastly a suggestion:
Some classes are absolutely necessary in teambuilding - namely healers.  It may be worthwhile to guarantee that a character with a healing skill is possible to recruit in the first set of 12 characters, at least on the most challenging difficulty, though following comment 3) above, they range from salaries of 600-1000+ from what I have seen (hardest difficulty).  Not possible to recruit them while making a 6 person team with the limited salary.  Easier difficulties benefit from plenty of money for bandages.

I will give the game another playthrough and add any other observed issues to this post.

Thank you for your consideration.
When the swordsman and two crossbowmen appear in the battle, and if you have prepared for their arrival with caltrops/explosives, the crossbowmen get unlimited turns and kill the swordsman and your tent.  I think it is because the lower crossbowman spawned on a placed caltrops, but may also be because there were 4 explosives separating the crossbowmen from the swordsman.
Telepath Tactics Liberated (2022) / Feras Room Bug
March 25, 2022, 11:09:14 AM
Emma can pick up beyond 10 items in Feras room.  In my case I had her pick the map with an already full inventory.  This causes a bug: Afterwards she can not exit.