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Telepath Tactics Bugs / [Bug?] Screen cut off on left and right edges
« on: June 13, 2015, 07:45:59 PM »
I think this has more to do with my computer settings than your actual game, but I'm posting it just in case.  I'm running the game through Steam.

When starting the caravan battle (where the merchants are dead and you can recruit 2 people, fourth battle in the game counting the tutorial), if I choose to look at inventory, I get an image like the below.  It looks like the edges on the left and right aren't showing up, which means I generally can't see the items someone has and can't see my items, nor can I 'x' out of the inventory screen and get back.

Also, during the start screen, part of the link to go to the forums & download campaigns is cut off.  I imagine this is for similar reasons.

When I turn my computer on, it sometimes will take a moment, flicker, and all the icons change size, so sometimes everything is smaller and sometimes it's larger.  It might be it's in the wrong setting to display the game wrong.  (If that's the case and anyone here has any advice, let me know.  I don't see any monitor settings I can mess with that would impact this, but I'm not too tech savvy on hardware.)

EDIT: same thing happened if I went to move items around at the start of the next battle.

Telepath Tactics / April Launch
« on: March 27, 2014, 07:43:29 AM »
With April 2014 fast approaching, I was wondering if you had an idea about what time in April you'd be releasing the game.
Also, for Kickstarter backers, would we be getting a choice of an executable file to install the game OR a Steam key, or how will that work?
Lastly, I think I recall talk of setting up a forum or something where users could post their mods for the game, particularly campaigns, so that there could be a community of shared games using Telepath Tactics.  Are there plans for setting up space on this forum for that?

I hope I'm not being rude.  My intention is not at all to rush and I completely understand if it winds up being late April, but I'm excited about the release of the game and wanting to get some stuff situated beforehand, since I will probably spend more time than I should trying it out  :D

Telepath Tactics / questions about Create attacks
« on: May 16, 2013, 12:55:59 PM »
A couple questions about Create attacks and non-Create attacks that create units, with a possible request depending on the answers. 

In the manual, it states
25. creates if this is a Create attack, place the charname or classname (if a character with
a charname of random) of the character being created here. If creating a destructible
object in this way, use the spritetype instead. (For instance: if you want to create a
Wooden Barricade, put BarricadeWood.)
If this is not a Create attack, you will most likely want to leave this set to none. If
you put something else in here for a non-Create attack, it will signal to the game that
it should spawn the named character or object in place of any character killed by the
attack. (For instance: if you have an attack called Petrify, you can set the creates
property to Boulder to make the game replace any characters killed by Petrify with a
For non-Create attacks, rather than specifying a particular character or object, you
can set creates to -CLONE- to simply replace the dead character with a new copy of

26. createdOnTeam this tells the game whether thing being created is added to the
attacker's team, or whether it is an object without a team. If the former, set this to
MyTeam; if the latter, set this to Objects.
If this is a non-Create attack and createdOnTeam is not set to either MyTeam or
Objects, the game will spawn the character or object on the same team as the
character that was just killed. If this attack's creates property is set to none, just leave
this blank.

Is this correct: if a non-Create attack has a value for "creates" but has "createdOnTeam" blank, the thing created that replaces the unit killed remains on the same team that the dead unit was on.  For example, if I made (for some reason) a Light attack with creates=PsyHealer and createdOnTeam="" called TransmuteToHealer, then I use it on EnemyArmy's Swordsman, kill it with the attack, it would then turn into a Healer on EnemyArmy.  That correct?
On the other hand, if "createOnTeam" was set to MyTeam, the Healer would be a member of my army.

Is it possible, or will it be possible, to spawn a unit aligned to another team than one's own?  Basically summoning a unit that fights for a team you are also fighting against.
If no, I can see not taking time to make it possible.  The only times I can think of using such a power would be in a multi-PC free-for-all where summoning a member of party B might help weaken party C (assuming I couldn't summon anyone to my own party), or possibly as a plot device to have an enemy summon innocents (i.e., very weak NPCs) on an allied team, perhaps having the plot branch in a certain direction if too many get summoned and killed.  (Tactically, that wouldn't help the enemy at all, but it could be cool plot if one can motivate the player to actually care about the NPCs.  :P)

A couple other questions:
As a tangent, in a campaign mode, if you use create attacks to spawn new members of your army, do they stay persist as members as the battle ends, or just last for that given battle?  If they persist, would that cause the game to crash if you summoned too many allies (more than the maximum party size)?

If you destroy an object with a damaging non-Create attack that uses create (say, the TransmuteToHealer from above), would the Healer be spawned, or does it only work if a unit is destroyed?  (I am not recommending it work this way, but curious.)

Edited: corrected a typo

Telepath Tactics / question about campaign design limitations
« on: March 29, 2013, 10:40:27 AM »
I'm contemplating some options in a campaign I want to make using this game, and had some questions?  Part of the idea is to do a tabletop/pen-and-paper RPG like-game using this, with the RP done inbetween fights, and sometimes I control the NPCs (as DM) and sometimes letting the AI do it (to save time.)  The PCs (probably 3) will control custom-made character classes and recruit additional characters as the game progresses.

I have a number of questions, and am dividing them into different topics below.  My apologies if they are already discussed elsewhere.

Multiple Armies
1. Would campaign mode allow multiple armies (such as a 3-way battle)? 
2. Would it allow 2+ to be controlled by players (for example, PC-controlled player's party, PC-controlled DM's party (enemy), and CPU-controlled (enemy))?
3. Would it allow alliances (ex. the party the DM controls and the enemy NPCs are allied, or the PCs are allied with NPCs they are to protect)?
Making zombies
4. Can a unit be given a 'activate when you die attack' that creates a unit belonging to another army when and in the square it dies?  (I like the idea of a zombie plague, and if a character dies, it rises as a low-level zombie)?  I think I remember that 'Create' skills can let you assign a thing like a bridge or barrier to belong to an army, but I was wondering if it can work the same for creating a unit.
5. If you create a summon-like ability (a Create attack that creates a unit), would the enemy AI know to use it or just ignore it?  (Idea of a summoner/necromancer class.)
6. Can the branching plot work off of if a unit survives a battle?  For example, if they manage to save an NPC, it joins the party at the end of the battle, but if it died, the game just goes to the next scene.
Battle Design
7. Will there be something like a copy & paste feature with designing battles?  I can see some plot paths using the same map and basic battle features, but a few minor things change (whether the enemies are called Rebel or Imperial, for example, or the troop composite).  Rather than recreate what I already made and edit it, it'd be easier to reuse and slightly modify a battle I already crafted.
8. Is it possible to, as a unit levels, let the PCs choose what happens (either as an in-game feature, or by me between battles opening the proper file in a text editor and modifying the character's entry)?  While I plan to have most of the PC's army level up as in the demo, for their actual characters I want them to be able to choose how their stats increase and to be able to buy skills from different classes (so even if based on a spearman, they could purchase a healing ability.) 
9. Can a character, when they join, have their level set to the party average, or does the level have to be hard-coded?

Thank you.  And if any of the above are not possible, I understand.  It sounds like they are, but since I won't have the system for a few weeks yet to fiddle with, I want to know what the possible options are before I start working out a plot for the campaign.

Edit: added question #9

Telepath Tactics / vs CPU and multi-player questions
« on: March 22, 2013, 10:36:04 AM »
In the final version of the game, will there be the option for one player vs. multiple computer-control armies, all fighting against one another?  What about 3 players verses 3 CPU (or 2 players verses 4, or any other combination)? 
From the videos I imagine these exist, but want to make sure before I back enough to get a copy of the game, since that's a key selling point for me.

In multi-player, is it all players using the same computer by default (I guess taking turns with the keypad and mouse)?

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