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Topics - Zhampir

Forum Games / Witch hunt
June 16, 2010, 04:49:45 AM
In light of the on-going very pointless discussion on The Ban list I thought of this game.
Kind of like you're banned, but in this game you get to post ridiculous(or not) reasons why the person before you could be presentiment :p

Ert: Zhampir is presentiment because they both understand at least some latin.
Zhampir: Ert is Presentiment because pres wanted to be a mod.
im2smart4u: Zhampir is Presentiment because he thought Pres was funny.

Remember this is a game, only make comments in jest. If you can't handle a similar comment about how you're like Pres then don't post.
Don't flame and stuff.. and if you're trying to say you're pres, please don't turn this into a conversation about Waffles. I know they're good, but I don't want em here, kay? (In other words, try to stay on topic)
Forum Games / You're banned
April 07, 2010, 08:06:13 PM
This game comes from a forum I recently joined to seek knowledge on a game I'm hacking into and reprogramming.

Quote from: dk2playerAnother game imported from the old site.

For newbies:
Its real simple, just make up any excuss, obvious, real, or just plain out there, that says why the previous person is banned (but they aren't really banned, just for fun)


Quote from:  1st postReposted the game

Quote from:  2nd postYour banned for bring the game back.

Quote from:  3rd postYour banned for not enjoying the game being brought back.

and so on.

I belive the last poster was me :D

I banned Dark Angel for being the only Underworld Cup Champion on the site.

General Discussion / Ramblings
March 29, 2010, 08:11:42 PM
Below was previously found in the TSOG board. I felt it no longer belonged there, as one can ramble about anything, can they not? Enjoy, critique, and post your own ramblings if you so desire. Of course follow the rules, and try to keep your ramblings concerned with the Telepath world.

Welcome to my ramblings (keep in mind these "theories" are completely theoretical). This is my own little board where I (and you can too of course) can (and likely will) post extremely random far out ideas on TSOG as it progresses. Reading the thoughts of others through this forum and the wiki I sometimes have random thoughts of inspiration and a need to explain "holes" in the story.

Here's one such rambling:
Quote from: Zhampir on February 22, 2010, 06:46:46 PM
The Nameless One will eventually have a huge part to play. Probably something that involves him being not so nameless anymore. For instance, Baz is found out, his house is stormed by the cultists. The Nameless One, fearing his own life may be in danger intercedes and fights with amazing ferocity against the cultists. Then a captain frustrated at the loss of his men charges with the next wave. The nameless one's hood is knocked off and the Cultists captain immediatily recognizes The Nameless One. The Captain, stunned is surrounded by our armada and taken prisoner. This captain and The Nameless One have a long talk and the Captain joins our cause and It is revealed that The Nameless one is (for sake of example) Guy, and the Captain is none other than Anya.

and I couldn't find the page but KZ proposed something completely preposterous. Or is it? KZ said that David could be Cygnus because of his powerful scanning abilities.

When I read this my mind sparked. Notice it did not sparkle, I am not a fairy, I am not Edward. (Hate to Twilight)
All of a sudden my idea of unexpected universe begins to make sense. Of course a few changes are needed.
By the way I play this out in my mind as one possible conclusion from TRGP2 expecting everybody to live and the Queen to die.

First I will outline the endings that fit:

1. Anya becomes Dean of the Academy.
2. Guy becomes a general
3. David becomes the most powerful psy scanner alive.
4. None of the books of the Library are destroyed, merely transported, even protected by trying crypts.
5. Anya loves books

Anya is smart, and as a girl (and from her reactions to the events of TRGP1) seems to dislike all the chaos in the Telepath world. David, no doubt aware of the connection between the main and Anya, likely becomes a friend to Anya.
Anya, now the Dean of the Academy decides that the only way that there will be peace in the world is to unite all the world under one banner, strongly tied to a powerful driving religion.

So Anya, a long with the most powerful scanner, David, agree that they need to unite the world. Using his superior abilities, David slowly works the minds of the people of the world and forms them into an army, a people, united under Anya. Thus the Cult is born.

Now, Anya's smart, and she knows that the only ones that could stand against her would be a powerful army of psys. So she installs in her new religion a discriminant against psys. At first she did not mean to persecute them, but the unruly amongst her army love to have something to pin all their misfortune on.

Anya, David, and Guy, fearing recognition by their allies (as this would show the Cult's falsehood and bring it tumbling down) change their names. and now Cygnus is born from David.

Guy, all was ready for a brawl, but smart about it, sees what his once friends plan to do, and flees, as always, a powerful psy.

Anya and David start their uprising of the cult far away, but soon there is little left to control and they circle back to the Acadamy, Somnus, and Ravinale. Experienced from previous conquests, they work slowly, until it's too late, and Ravinale is taken. The Library is voided of all non-Cult material, but not destroyed like in normal conquests. Instead, thanks to Anya's love of books, the books are saved, and stored in several dry crypts protected by ghosts and traps. Safe, until they are reclaimed.

Guy, hiding amongst outside clans (Rubat perhaps) hears of this take over and is reminded of why he's in hiding. He learns of a resistance, and offers his services becoming the Nameless One.

Of course this changes my little scenario from earlier, as in Anya, the leader of the cult herself, storms Baz's mansion.
Here are my ramblings on the Gift:

I think the gift came from the soul. In the beginning there were humans. Some of the race died, but were still tied to the world. These were Ghosts. They were the first to actually use the gift. Humans, amazed at the powers ghosts had tried to harness the gift for their own. After many experiments that mutated ghosts, the Shadowlings were formed. Part ghost, part mortal, and completely formed from shadow, they terrified their creators. Born with the control of the gift and with the intelligence of a mortal, they were able to easily escape from their captors. The shadowlings ran to the caves. Hid in the shadows. They grew a hate for the humans who ruled the world above. A leader emerged, a queen. Using their powers, the shadowlings erected their empire. Enslaved their once captors. and held Cera Bella by its throat. Of course, there were sympathizers, shadowlings that were fond for humans, humans that loved shadowlings. These groups fled, for fear of persecution. Their love for one-another, against all odds, found a way to merge. Spriggats were born. Infused with the original soul of the humans, they were no longer restricted to the shadow element. Heat, Cold, and light spriggats emerged a long with the mighty black spriggats.

From here the gift in humans can be explained two ways, the spriggats bred with the humans, or through their study of the ghosts humans had found a way to unlock their own potential.
General Discussion / The Gift
March 24, 2010, 09:36:56 PM
Where does it come from? Is it hereditary? Based on diet? a disease? a unique gene? How do ghosts use it? Is it because the gift is tied to the soul? If so, does that mean that only a few humans have the soul capable whilst in their bodies'?
What are the origins of the gift? Is it based on the force? Ancient Greek elements? or is it a concoction all of its own?

TSoG Wish List / New Attacks For Enemies
March 16, 2010, 03:17:57 AM
The following stems off of the Juxtapose thread:

Thoughts on possible names:
1. Possess: this isn't a good name, because possession implies the body can be returned. Since the attack utilizes soul suck the victim is likely damaged and destroyed because this is used on a weakened enemy. Thereby effectively killing them.
2. Transference: as this name pretty much perfectly describes what goes on (the transfer of the attacker's health, attack, and soul into the victim) is quite simply not flashy enough. I.e. it is an extremely boring name.
3. Infect: my reasoning here is the same as transference.
4. Dominate: slightly flashier, I think.

Thoughts on the attack:
As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, the attack will and should likely kill the target, the damage is basically done to the soul of the victim (which becomes the once attacker's body), thereby effectively killing them and preventing them from taking control of the boss's body (also as discussed on other topics this avoids explaining, mid battle, how a spirit cannot control themselves at first)

Another point that I must make is the transference of the attacker's attack that allows him to transfer. Also what attacks should be retained in the new body. I think any of the teammates more basic attacks (besides Cryo Cross and other cold attacks) should be removed from the once teammate's list of attacks. They should be left with attacks that don't cost any psp, as the enemy wasn't actually trained in the use of the attack. I say this merely to avoid the question of "what happens if your teammate had 8 attacks?"

I was wondering how this attack could be used on Luca, and perhaps she should be the only character immune to such a devastating attack?

Also it should be discussed what stats are actually transferred. Is it just the health or does this include the PSP reserves? Or perhaps the actual power, psy power, speed, and psy defense are transferred? I would just prefer to transfer the health and PSP, because the body isn't changed (including the mind, on this note, the learned attacks should be transferred) just the soul.

I completely support this attack, however, and I would love to see it implemented. It would most certainly provide a very challenging battle with much strategy not matter how uber-trained the team is. To make it more challenging, the Newly formed enemy could simply be fully healed or have the health transferred (whichever value is higher at that moment)
General Discussion / Canada (with rules)
March 16, 2010, 01:56:06 AM
This topic is for people who have questions about Canada. Arising from this thread, this new, revised post, through the profound love of Canada several members share, has made an appearance. Of course the, self-proclaimed Lord of Canada, Zackirus, will likely answer most of the questions you have.

The rules for posting here (that I thought weren't needed, but instances have come up that I think require them) are as follows (and will be updated upon discretion, it will be your responsibility to reread these rules if there is any change, ignorance is not an excuse):
1. No harassing, dissing, or other wise rudeness towards Canada, Canadians, other posters, or anything Canada related allowed.
2. This topic is for Canada about Canada, if you wish to post something that does not pertain to Canada, do not post here.
3. Multiple posting is discouraged.
4. Spamming is NOT allowed. There is a difference between Multiple posting and Spamming, spamming is the repetition of a post over and over again. If someone has asked a question do not ask the same question until ample time has been given for the question to be answered.

Punishments for braking these rules will be on a case-by-case policy. Which may change to a zero-tolerance policy. Humor is allowed but none that break rule #1.

Now for my question about Canada; what is the divorce rate in Canada?
TSoG Wish List / Easter Eggs
March 15, 2010, 06:12:55 PM
All games have there own little easter eggs so this is the topic to suggest, revise, formulate, and speculate on possible easter eggs. Notice I used the word "possible" this does not include easter eggs all ready included in the game (such as mention of the shadow war and the mention of the Helenites)

Arrising from this forum I suggested three easter eggs
1. a kleptomaniac zebra named KZ that uses his powerful telepathic persuasion to terminate hostilities (i.e. paralyze)
2. Laurie who "paints" images of teammates onto the field distracting enemies. (as an enemy to us her stats could be masked and she makes an image of herself)
3. Z the hardheaded psy assassin that rushes into a group of enemies using cryo cross. This would be one of the few moves he knows because he's too arrogant to consider using another attack.

Also arrising from the Malignus thread, suggested by Zackirus was a 4th
Quote from: Zackirus on March 15, 2010, 05:56:18 PM
Why doesn't Craig just progarm himself into the game and we could battle him

Craig Stern:

Health: 750
Speed: 4
Attacks: Programing Error (Cost 0, Range Omi, Damage 50), Revive (Cost 0, Range Self, Heals 50), Goddly Strike (Cost 0, Range 1, Damge 75
with a fourth attack "I win" which just obliterates all opposition (a thought bubble could appear with Craig saying "Muhahahaha, newbs!"

5. The return of Notcus would be a major easter egg and is being debated in this topic

6. Reappearance of a character from TRGP1 or 2. This could very well be in the form of the Gelf, we might meet that trader Gelf or his mother Gelf or his father Gelf or one of his brothers or sisters, amply named Gelf (if fact if Gelf were to be included how would we know that we are not meeting the original Gelf? lol )
TSoG Wish List / Malignus
March 15, 2010, 03:03:37 PM
The time traveling black Spriggat.
Should he appear once more?
If so where?

I think he should. I also think his little "pit" that we met him in was his own little pocket dimension that he used to travel through time. So theoretically we could meet him anywhere so long as there is an access point to him. I think it would be more of a surprise if we found him somewhere else entirely. Perhaps even when we storm whatever lair the Cult has claimed as their headquarters?
General Discussion / Breeding
March 13, 2010, 04:56:34 PM
Malis mentions Set being half shadowling. I was wondering if all these "races" which I though we actually separate species entirely are indeed "races" and could breed and produce fertile offspring. If so, that would produce some interesting results and might help explain how the human race obtained telepathic powers because in the other races all of them have telepathy (excluding, strangly, Niven).
TSoG Wish List / More Strategy
March 12, 2010, 04:40:52 AM
When I first read KZ's reply to the Weaknesses thread, I must admit, I felt defeated and simply said "ok" and let it go. Reading it a second time I realize something else entirely, and it revived hope in my idea for weaknesses and other strategical additions that could be made (as KZ suggested)

The less strategic players will likely stay on normal or hard, but those seeking a serious challenge go for brutal.

So, why not, besides making the enemies tougher, make the game-play harder? A novice chess player stays with the simple, and a master player builds extremely complex strategical moves, not taking any chances, giving no quarter. Adding in more tactical elements, more strategy to really give the player something to think about. They must not only think of a few moves before the computer, but perhaps, play out the entire battle in their head?

I say, give them the ultimate challenge. Include as much crazy, wacko, in-depth strategy as we can. Maybe not even call it brutal difficulty, but a new difficulty all together, the Impossible difficulty.

This would add in many extra strategical elements, such as weaknesses, a slight, smart, randomness in the AI, and special boosts and poisons that vary stats, timers forcing you to quickly formulate your strategy, characters that get more powerful or weaker if their teammate dies.

I'm however, not suggesting this be included with the initial release of the game, but perhaps an add-on created for a premium experience or (with luck) a Game-of-the-Year edition. A side project started after the release of TSoG, slightly ran by Craig but not entirely, instead programmed by a volunteer (perhaps me if I ever get the right flash  :-\ , I think I have it now, but I'm having problems with it getting to download, it keeps saying that it's all ready installed, but it's not...) Having extra additions, I do not just mean strategy but other neat things like more quests/ mini-games, powers, teammates, a special time traveling spriggat that allows you glimpses into the lore of Cera Bella giving a more in-depth history, you know smaller items that are just built off of what is all ready in the game) This could also serve as a patch repairing left over bugs that went unnoticed until the game was mainstream.

I've prattled long enough for that (I might post ideas of that after school or this weekend, unless somebody else does, but I also think it's a little to early to talk about stuff like that unless they're things that are likely not going to be included for general enjoyment, but for the elites and major fans of the game) so back onto the topic at hand:

I've all ready mentioned a few ways to increase strategy, and I'll go into detail now ^^

While this is mostly covered by resistances, it is not completely covered. So far res can make a character immune to one type of attack. Weaknesses could make it so that the enemy can basically only be killed by a certain element. Imagine a boss with an attack that heals himself for a large portion of his health (say, half like feedback can)and he has a huge amount of HP all ready. So you attack him with every teammate you have only to see that at the end of your turn you barely did any percentage of damage to him. He heals with feedback and wipes out 1-3 of your partners instantly. Thinking it's impossible to defeat him, you look at his tag again and it says he has a major weakness to light, unfortunately you did not bring anybody with a light attack with you this time, and your party is wiped out. You load your save and this time make sure to bring light attacks. After the battle another ensues but before this one you find some sort of clue that cryptically tells you in what position on your roster your teammates should be, you, being lazy, ignore the clue and rush into the next battle to find you're once again in a similar situation as before, but this time your teammates are separated and you cannot attack the boss-guy with your light character. Had you been aware and inquisitive you would have gotten the hint and be able to go through the level with no problem.

Random Moves
How about different sets of AI and the computer switches between them, using a different strategy the next time you fight that battle? You may lose a battle and think you have it all figured out, the enemy was on the offensive going after your men, or they were targeted going straight after your main character, or maybe they were defensive, biding their time until reinforcements arrive and you are slaughtered. The next time around you use your first move to match what you think the enemy will do and your sit back stunned as the AI takes it's turn, trying a completely new strategy and wipes out two of your teammates. Scrambling for a new strategy, you get lucky and come up with one just in time to save your skin.

For each character's turn you are given a time limit to make a move, once the timer hits zero or your character ends their turn the normal way the next character goes. This would encourage players to think strategy on your feet, like chess. Constantly, quickly, adapting your strategy to match your enemy.

Emotional Characters
I think it would be neat if; as the character development progresses and the team fights along side each other more bonds of love, friendship, and other passions are formed. I think that when a teammate dies that another teammate feels strongly for, then the second should get a temporary effect like an "Adrenaline Rush" in which the character, for a short time, moves quicker, hit's harder, and ignores enemy blows better (temporary bonuses to Psy Strength, Strength, Psy Defense, and speed. This is counter acted as it only lasts 1-3 turns (I'm not sure how long it should last) followed by a sharp decrease in these areas as the teammate starts to fall into a depression and grieve for his or her lost friend.
 For Set, the loss of any one would be tragic to him and he could get a temporary boost in his speed and healing abilities. Arman, as the most distant from the group wouldn't much care. Malis may be enraged at the death of Set (since she seems to like his round physique. Griffin enthralled if Rahel is slain with Rahel upset at the death of Griffin. Luca also would not mind the death of anybody (except the hero but I doubt we will have situations in which the hero dies and the fight continues) Since she's a ghost and the party knows she'll just reappear after a time they don't worry.

Damage Over Time
Arman, as an assassin should have the arsenal of an assassin, which should include inflicting a strong poison into his enemies then fleeing and waiting safely out of harms way as the victim falls prey. Pyro abilities could also have a DoT effect like lighting the enemy on fire doing some damage over time.. Cryo attacks could have a chance to freeze an enemy. Light and Shadow attacks could have a chance of momentarily blinding an enemy.

Of course the enemy would have access to these attacks as well, to keep it fair.

Please post your thoughts, and if you think of something else that could add to strategy that I didn't mention earlier, please post your thoughts. Also, if you disagree with how I perceive how these could be an increase in strategy, please speak your mind. Criticism is encouraged.^^
TSoG Wish List / Branched Attacks
March 12, 2010, 03:25:28 AM
Many attacks have 2 different settings with the major difference being range, examples being; split shot 1 and 2, shadowport 1 and 2, bow 1 and 2, firebreath 1 and 2, juxtapose 1 and 2, etc.

Of course the second installment of all of these comes at an increased cost of psy points.
I think that when you select one of these attacks (click on it once or double hit it's allocated number) that a separate  GUI (or even just an extension of the current) should appear. It's setup would be much like radiobuttons with different versions of the attack, for instance You click Firebreath and the skill selection is replaced with a box showing the different version of the attack. The available versions would be a brightly colored while unavailable ones are grayed out and unclickable. (note the hyperlink leads nowhere)
[1] [2]
When the mouse hovers over an availible attack (or the corrisponding number key is pressed) the ground is highlighted with the normal yellow boxes, and the PSP cost is displayed like normal.
The name of the selected attack could appear in the top left corner with an [X] in the top right corner allowing you to go back to the skill selection.

I've thought of a few pros and cons for this, but I'm sure I don't have them all, if you figure out a new one, and it is agreed upon (I will not debate the point unless nobody else says anything about it) I will add it to the list

1. Shortens the amount of attack slots used severely
2. Can allow you to select through multiple attacks, Mind shield + Mega shield in one slot, Feedback + vengeance, i.e. attacks that replace earlier versions
3. allows quick access to more all your skills, no flipping through pages
1. If used on the hero he could have access to all his attacks, eliminating the strategic quality of what arsenal to carry.
2. May make the player feel like there are many more attacks to unlock, of course, Craig willing, we could create an insane amount of attacks... but new attacks are lengthy and complicated to create, besides, I don't think any character should have too much of an arsenal (I was happy with the amount of available attacks in TRGP2)
TSoG Wish List / The Bandit Cave
March 11, 2010, 11:45:05 PM
Does any body else feel that this should be expanded?

Sure we have access to the main room, but there are two separate corridors. Certainly the bandits had sleeping quarters, a kitchen and dining area, a training room, storage for their plunders, and the entrance hall in their cave?

I think the Cave should be expanded to include these areas (and possibly more) with various quests associated with each room.

The Entrance hall; Malis is disgraced with utter rugged appearance of the cave and would like to spruce it up. She knows of a Cult convoy that is transporting many expensive silks and rugs and wishes for you to retrieve them for her. With the decoration of the cave, perhaps some soldiers are convinced to join your cause because you actually look like a functioning organization that's not hiding out in a run-down cave or some fat dude's basement. This could also be a moral boost for your men enhancing strength/health in a small amount.

The kitchen
1. Set is displeased with the supplies he has to cook the food for the army and would like you to capture a rare animal/plant, so they may harvest this animal/plant for better meals. Provides a boost in overall health of the soldiers

2. Set is overwhelmed with the amount of soldiers he must now feed and requires assistants (after all, who's going to cook when Set is out helping to battle the Cult?) and needs you to run around finding willing and good cooks. Could provide more soldiers or a speed boost (I'm thinking the soldiers will likely be like the enemy and move only a few squares so our soldiers' speed could be increased from 3 to 4 or 4 to 5) as a well fed soldier will have more energy.

The Dining hall
: A soldier (perhaps a scout) is upset at the lack of dishes (indicated by very few men eating with a long line waiting for a meal) and has discovered a convoy of Cultists that are transporting a large supply of fine dining equipment to the palace in Ravinvale, as a god and his men must only eat with the best of dishes. So, the scout implores you to attack them in the high-and-mighty arrogance and take the dishes for the army. This also helps with the well fed army and must be completed in order to gain the very helpful speed boost from the above mentioned quest.

The Training Room; Griffin is in charge of training the entire army and needs help. For one, there are gifted soldiers in the army that he has no idea to train and because of the vast amount of soldiers now there is no way he can train them all effectively. So, Griffin asks you to train these soldiers, and the best way is by hands-on battles, so you must battle your troops (not killing them, mind you). Possible rewards are, increased psy power, strength, or health for your troops, or even new skills (that mimic your own party's attacks, after all, why should your party be the strongest of their regime?)

The Storage Room: Arman is having trouble with the security system on the vault and asks you to try to break it. You are given a list of options, if your aptitude is high enough (say 20) you bypass the lock completely and safely, if not, however, you are given two options. 1. Run around from person to person (the Marid Clan Leader to the Librarian to perhaps Fizooz [which will likely require its own string of a sub-quest to partially restore his memory] who was contracted to break into the vault) to learn how to disarm the lock. 2. blast the door open which unleashes a wave of enemies, a personality check is performed and if it is high enough, the defenders (hopefully some type of new golem, perhaps the Cannon Golems, [or Steel Bar Shooting Golems {SBSG Mark I}as they seem to be now]) join your army. However if your personality fails you must destroy them. If you pass another aptitude check then you are able to completely understand their structure and talk to the Marid Clan leader about reconstructing them to join your team. However, if you fail, he sends you off to the Librarian again to find some research on the origins of the golems (they possibly were used in a battle between Ravinale and the Marid, with all the Marid's Archer-Golems to have thought to unfortunately be all demolished in the battle). The librarian remembers a book and so you set off to your storage in Baz's basement to find the book, but it is not found, remembering Set had "borrowed" some books you run back to him and ask him if he has it. He does but regrets that it is in some odd language, you recognize it to be shadowlingish and head over to Malis to get a translation. She agrees after some persuasion (possibly a completely other side-quest if your personality doesn't pass another check) to translate the book. With the book translated you travel back to the Marid Clan Chief who starts on rebuilding the golems. (By the way, having golems in your army, I think, would be a big deal, so I wanted the accumulation of these golems to be quite difficult) Also, if you are able to open the lock without alerting the guards you find the room to be filled with the golems, unactivated. as you walk up to one, the crystal within it resonates to your Psy power and the golem comes to life, they then, believing you are a general from the previous battle because you knew the code wakens his companions and joins you in your campaign.

P.S. I hope this is a major enough of a contribution for you KZ lol ^^ :P
TSoG Wish List / Training
March 11, 2010, 11:02:51 PM
in TRPG2 the main was allowed to train his/her skills, in TSoG these skills increase with use. I think there should be a combination of the two styles.

For instance, having the trainer train you to the next level of the attack with the cost dependent on the amount of experience left to level (divided by 3 to represent individual uses of the attack, or just based upon individual experience points). Even having the possibility of choosing how many experience points to increase (say Duvalier only has enough gold for 54 points but needs 57 to level, he can buy the 54 and attack an enemy for the remainder 3) (this should probably be represented by a(an?) hpscrollbar to easily eliminate a majority of bugs that could arise, with the max value set to the maximum amount the main can A. afford or B. needs, whichever is the least.)
Discuss at your leisure. ^^
TSoG / Technology Of Cera Bella
March 04, 2010, 11:56:40 PM
Where does the level of technology stand? We have robots that shoot giant laser beams, yet a common source of light is the simple torch.

Are guns foreseeable in this world's future? Or will all weapons and energies be elemental/psy based?
TSoG Wish List / Weaknesses
February 26, 2010, 07:25:48 PM
To get the gist of it:

Quote from: Zhampir on February 26, 2010, 06:29:46 PM
I read on the old forums that weaknesses weren't supported by the current game engine, and I thought, why not? I'm guessing the resistance set-up is probably quite simple, like dividing the enemy damage by 2. So, couldn't you simply have a new type of "resistance" say, -Heat, -Cold, -Physical, -Light, -Shadow, as opposed to normal Heat, Cold, Physical, Light, Shadow, and make it multiply the damage by 2? I still haven't gone into flash coding much, but all it would need extra is simply making the .5 into a variable with an if then preceding it checking if the first character is a - or not (I forget the line that does that, midseg or something) The - sign could even come after the name such as Heat- depending on how you check for which resistance is appropiate.

So, what I'm saying is, couldn't that be a simple way to create a weakness?

Quote from: CraigStern on February 26, 2010, 07:06:10 PM
If it's just a question of multiplying the associated damage by a set amount if a creature resists the opposite element, you're right--that wouldn't be too hard to code.

The biggest reason I can think of not to do this is that it would require a fair bit of rebalancing. (One example comes immediately to mind: Luca in the spirit cellar mission. Her physical resistance would cause her to take double damage from just about every enemy in the mission, since they all use Mental attacks--this would make her much less useful.)

On the other hand, this might make combat that much more strategic and challenging. And I suppose I could limit the "weakness" effect to the four primary elements (Heat, Cold, Light, Shadow). If you like, feel free to create a thread in TSoG Wish List where folks can discuss this idea, and I'll consider adding it in.

Craig misinterpreted my meaning slightly, or at least, I did not explain myself fully or correctly.

What I meant is that, for characters with out a resistance, (for example, an enemy I support, the wood golem) they could have a weakness. A golem made of wood should burn when hit by a pyrohail or pyroblast correct?

Although this could apply to characters with resistances, like the shadowlings could be weak to light, but as I don't think that their oppositions, the ghosts, should really be weak to shadows (since many ghosts live in Crypts) and no shadowlings have ever seemed to be affected by the light.

What I'm proposing is that certain characters are weak to certain elements. This allows for uber healthy characters to be taken down by an elementally weaker but elementally opposite opponent. Giving rise to even greater indepth strategy. No longer can you rely on one character to take out an army but you must switch it up and perhaps, use a character you've never used before to take out the boss.

Please discuss at your leisure.^^
TSoG / The Nameless One
February 21, 2010, 01:09:24 AM
Who is the trainer really? Is he the old hero, an ex psy student, an old hermit from the mountains?

Post your ideals about this unique character here!
Shadowling Assassin / About
February 10, 2010, 05:22:47 PM
I haven't heard much about "Shadowling Assassin" can somebody fill me in?
TRPG2 / Official TRPG2 post-release bugs thread
February 08, 2010, 02:36:28 AM
Not that anybody will likely fix it... but...
It's a very annoying one, the enemies keep walking on top of each other. especially the mechanics.
I like to bottleneck them so I deal with them one at a time, instead they all stand on the same square, it's imposible to actually get a pict of this because it looks like there is only one there... I don't know what causes it, but it's annoying...
TSoG Walkthroughs / Controls
February 07, 2010, 08:56:30 PM
While the entire game can be functioned by the mouse and I other keys, I've decided to release my knowledge of the shortcut keys available.

WASD or Arrow keys - dictate direction
Shift   - changes the attack set (skills 1-4) to the other set (5-8)
    - outside of combat shift makes the character run
Space - ends the characters move, works as hitting the continue button after battle
1-8    - uses that character's specified skill. double hit the number to use it. the first time hitting the button is like hovering over the skill
          with the mouse
H       - cause the current character to Hold their action (allowing them to save their move until later in the same turn)

Q - rotate clockwise
E - rotate counterclockwise
Space Bar - end turn
Z - undo move
X - display current mover, enemy health overview
that's all I know for now, I'll update later.
TSoG Walkthroughs / Easy money (Updated to Full Release)
February 06, 2010, 02:11:04 PM
[spoiler=The following is considered by many to be cheating (including myself) and is only accessible through a glitch in the game.]
This glitch can now be accessed in the full release. At any time go to the mechanics base in the great forest and do the battles there. After you defeat each wave it will place you outside. Quit the game and go to map editor. By going to save/load and pressing the test map button you can play with your characters. You gain the experiance and money from the battle and it loads (if done properly) the text box just after the Mechanics base.[/spoiler]