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Topics - laserpants13

TSoG Wish List / Enemies
February 08, 2010, 03:32:45 PM
I think a spriggat set (already in tprpg2) would really round out the map editor nicely, and would add more diversity to the psy enemies. They could just be copied from tprpg2 (stats here are taken from the game).

Red Spriggat

Health: 38
Speed: 3
Attacks: Fire Breath (Range: 1-2, Damage: 10)
Resistance: Heat

White Spriggat:

Health: 60
Speed: 3
Attacks: Frost Breath (Range: 1-2, Damage: 9), Big Shield (Range: Square (including self), Healing: 24)
Resistance: Cold

Dark Spriggat:

Health: 75
Speed: 3
Attacks: Dark Breath (Range: 1-3, Damage: 15)
Resistance: Shadow
TSoG Wish List / Hero skill system
February 08, 2010, 03:17:06 PM
Although I love the game, tsog doesn't seem to have a very complex skill system for the hero. I do appreciate the leveling up system, but the skill set seems to simplified. Games such as Sonny 1 & 2, and Sinjid: Shadow of the Warrior both have more complex skill trees, and I think a similar tree or a more comprehensive skill set would give players a wider range of options in developing their character. Any ideas on this?