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Telepath Tactics Bugs / Assorted bugs in the last map (and thereabouts)
« on: October 10, 2015, 07:51:45 AM »
Just finished my playthrough/LP, and encountered some weirdness in the last battle. They're not TOO serious, but they may make the map easier than it should be...

1. As far as I remember, the four reinforcement tunnels are supposed to keep spawning enemies... but they all stopped spawning after 3 sets. This means there's no need to engage the shadowling groups... which can be considered a mercy, since they can pretty much one-shot any character once they stacked enough mental resist debuffs on them, ouch! I actually didn't mind this, since the slowdown was VERY severe this time for some reason (the entire battle took over 3.5 hours...) so I just focused on the levers and Tarion after the immediate threats were dealt with.

2. Tarion didn't move from his spot... apparently because he can't fly! I found this out when I tried to yank him out with a Gravity Spike + Grapple Chain combo. At first I was pretty disappointed when GS didn't work... but then the Grapple Chain worked and actually caused him to take damage! He behaved like any non-flier: having to waste his turn trying to swim out of the lava, only to get pushed back ad infinitum.

3. The archers guarding Tarion seem to have a 5-tile attack range (should just be 4, unless they're l33t haxors). Possibly intended? In any case, Kinetic Pull Solves Everything™.

4. The score didn't tally up -- I just got the last map's score as my total in the end. I checked my savegames, and totalScore in all of the ones made after Aug 6-ish seems to be 0... possibly related to 1.041/1.042 changes? In any case, this may just affect those of us who carried our saves over instead of restarting, in which case it's no big deal.

It seems the 'slowdown problem' is back in some form... I've noticed it in quite a few late-game battles. Basically after a certain point in the battle when *something* happens (doesn't have to be late-combat, I had it happen as soon as the third turn), the game significantly slows down and starts to eat 25% CPU -- so basically 100% assuming it's only using one core. I attached an animated gif to illustrate from an endgame battle... though now that I reviewed it, the gif actually seems to be significantly faster than the ingame speed (the mindblast counter was pretty much a frame-by-frame slow motion experience). (spoilers inside, btw)

The most significant symptom that I can notice are leftover particles; f'rex, note the poison splash in the water, as well as the 'attack sparklies' around it. I forgot to generate a log -- sorry! I have a log from earlier in the battle, but I don't think the slowdown was noticeable back then.

Using latest steam version, Windows 10, etc etc.


I ran into a weird issue with the changes to the handling of item requirements introduced in 1.047. Basically, nobody can equip anything except for items with zero restrictions (like the chopper or torches)! Items that are already equipped work fine, but after Emma's sword broke, I found I could not equip anything. I'm not sure if completely new items work OK, I suspect they do.

The core of the problem seems to be confusing class requirements for race requirements:
Code: [Select]
887 | running isItemEquipped(); whichItem 1
888 |      allReqs[0] (race) = c:Swordsman:FenceHero:Champion
889 |      allReqs[1] (class) =
890 |      allReqs[2] (level) =
891 | checking against raceRequirements[0], c:Swordsman:FenceHero:Champion
892 | wrong race to use this item!

It *may* be a problem specific to games getting corrupted during the short period between 1.04 and 1.041 (if you remember the discussion on rpgcodex); I had to fix and keep using that save, my LP readers would've eaten me alive if I started anew :p If there's anything I can do to fix things up for this patch, let me know -- thanks!

So I equipped Sabrina with a Rapier, and noticed that it gave a 'free' attack per turn as a separate attack mode... however, since Sabrina already had a full bar of abilities, this pushed the last one (Double Strike) past the end of the box, and since hotkeys only go up to 9, it could only be used by clicking it. I'm fairly sure the ability still works well, this is just a minor-ish display / convenience issue.

(aside: I also tried to Mind Control an enemy cavalry unit with Louise in this fight -- the targeting reticle said 100%, but it didn't work. I forgot to generate a log, though...)

I was just doing the Coria Dogs battle, and the game froze when Scarlet charged one of the bowmen in the assassin room.

I'm not actually sure what caused this. I suspect it was because the weapon broke as part of the attack... it may also be related to charging an enemy with a wall next to them, though I doubt it. Using latest steam version, btw.

It seems that Motivate doesn't... well, motivate people anymore. The animation plays and Emma gets xp, but the other character's turn isn't reset.
Same problem with Hover (from the copter): it goes off, the activating character gets xp, but they can't actually fly.

May be related to the problem in this thread?

Using latest steam version. No log was generated, so I forced one.
(NB: I was affected by the savegame bug a few patches back, but had to keep going since I'm doing a LP... I also attached the save file in case there's something amiss.)

Telepath Tactics Bugs / Rain not animating once in combat
« on: August 03, 2015, 10:43:03 AM »
Okay, this is pretty weird (I didn't have this problem in my first playthrough)... I just played through the bandit fortress outer wall battle, and rain wasn't animating for me during the actual fight. It worked OK during the deployment phase and the intro, but as soon as I got control, it stopped. 

Here's a GIF of it in action... or rather inaction.

I force-generated a log file, though I don't think it's logged anywhere. I'm running 1.0.39, steam version.

I've been doing a LP of the game recently, and encountered something pretty amusing: you can activate the lever controlling the cage from the right side of the hill, which is effectively below it (diagonally, even).

This is probably a side effect of how the tile-based engine works, but it may be worthwhile to put some rubble on that tile or something. ;)

So I have valiantly dispatched cheesily one-shot the big bad with Mega Stab (hey, stop cowering between those lava tiles and you'll get a stand-up fight next time!) and watched the ending slides. Most of them were fine (and/or amusing), but there was a minor issue -- they didn't seem to realize that Louise was dead! I got the 'good' ending for the Louise/Madeleine pair ("Louise, unused to winning games of chance that she hadn't rigged herself...") with both of them on the screen unlike the "bittersweet" blurb I got for the Hashmals (Nalia and Gavrielle were both dead... though in retrospect, I haven't seen any mention of Nalia anywhere, I only noticed her name because she said something when she died in the basement fight).

Actually, I checked Ending.xml, and couldn't find a blurb for "Louise dead, Madeleine alive".

I used the last charge of my expert Battle Primer on Lakshmi, giving her enough xp to get to level 20 and class-change to Arbalist. Problem is, as soon as she did that, her current HP went into overflow (-276/44). I'll keep her away from enemy fire for the time being...

So Gunther joined my group just in time for the last fight, which is great, considering the recent uh... vacancies! However, I can't see his stats before the fight (trying to right-click him just brings up a blank dialog, see attachment), nor does he show up for the equipment management screen. His stats are OK once the fight actually starts, though I need someone to drop some axes and stuff for him first.

Maybe he didn't like it when I killed him during the Bandit Keep Massacre (it was supposed to be an escape, but I got a bit carried away)?

Telepath Tactics Bugs / Camp scene not loading
« on: May 17, 2015, 10:14:25 AM »
The campfire scene ("Camp 1", after the Gunther fight) failed to load for some reason... it's especially odd since I didn't do anything out of the ordinary, and I got to the same scene without problems in an earlier playthrough. Basically I just saw a blank dialog box (forgot to take a screenshot, sorry). I had to skip past the entire scene -- I think I just pressed esc a few times.

Code: [Select]
996 |      running runAction() in DialogScreen; currActionString = AddPortrait/Emma,Emma Strider,right
997 | TypeError 1009: Error #1009
998 | TypeError: Error #1009
at NarrationBox/addPortrait()
at DialogAction/executeAction()
at DialogAction()
at DialogScreen/runAction()
at DialogScreen/runSpecialActions()
at DialogScreen/bgLoaderReady()
999 | ---------> running saveLog() within LogHandler!

(Using v1.03, steam version)

Telepath Tactics Bugs / Equipment switcheroo bug
« on: May 17, 2015, 03:09:20 AM »
After the Rescuing Sarn Kamina mission (in which Siripent died due to acute Rambo-itis and Louise died due to acute ambush-itis), the gear allocated to my characters got all messed up... basically they were swapped in pairs between most of the party, forcing me to deequip / dump all gear in the stash and re-equip everyone again. Some switches were: Hee'la <-> Emma (I attached a screenshot of this one), Des Serret <-> Gavrielle, Silithis Predat <-> Madeleine. SOME party members kept their gear.

I attached two logs, because I'm not sure which one coincides with the bug.

I'm playing the latest steam version (v1.03). If it matters, one of the characters (Zimmer) had an empty inventory before this.

e: this is probably a dup of -- feel free to close as needed!

I was doing the Cloch fight inside the mines, and set up a lot of traps / blockades against the enemies coming in from the big room. Eventually an enemy swordsman walked into an ironjaw trap and died... after that, the game got stuck in the enemy's turn (hourglass cursor). The UI was still functional, but the only way to progress was to quit to the main menu (surrender was also greyed out).

I'm playing the latest steam version (v1.03).

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