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i was/am a KS backer, but i just got around to DLing and trying out TT. i've run into a number of bugs, most of which i figured i'd just try to work around / live with (i.e. i don't really expect flash+linux to work well; TBH i'd rather you work on moving off flash rather than fixing most of these), but i just ran into a game-breaker (corrupt/unloadable saves), so i though i'd try posting.

i tried to scan at least the most recent few weeks of posts here, and i think some of these are dups (i.e. push/pull not working), but the others i didn't see. the game seems to have generated a large # of logs during my play so far, so i went ahead and attached them all (it's a ... zipped tbz2 file, since the forum won't allow a tbz2 directly, and regular .zip is (at 1.2M) over the 750K size limit ... maybe loosen those a bit?) along with all my saves. the unloadable saves are slots 1 and 4. you can see i tried editing the slot1 file to add a random seed and change the nextBattle string (a stab based on reading other bug reports), but that didn't seem to make the save loadable. the ~ version of that slot's file is the original.

the other less critical bugs, in descending order of importance:
0) often, i can't seem to save. clicking on slots either does nothing (if empty), brings up a overwrite dialog box where clicking the check does nothing (or just makes a sound), or sometimes just yields an empty slot-selection dialog box (i.e. where the slots normally would show up, but there is nothing but a 'prior page' button.
1) at some point, all the item class restrictions seem to have vanished: anyone could use any item.
2) push/pull don't seem to work. now, since i'm just starting, i don't really know how they *should* work, but most of the time they seem to just do nothing and burn a turn. they seem to work more often on enemies than allies, so i though maybe they don't work on allies, or there's some rule i don't understand. but as time goes on i'm thinking they are just buggy.
3) neither fullscreen nor windowed mode work correctly. in both, the playfield isn't correctly clipped/scaled. by an arcane sequence of window resizes and toggling between the two modes (with scale in fullscreen disabled), i can get a mostly-playable windowed mode. however, there are some nasty drawing/flicker artifacts, generally when the cursor is over ... certain things. maybe anytime there are multiple layers drawn under the cursor.
4) various buttons don't seem to have images
5) the borders of various dialogs don't render properly (might only be in FS or windowed mode, not sure)
6) some cut-scenes display incorrectly (portraits too low and cut off).

i can upload other files (or the same ones in other formats) and/or make screenshots/videos of these as necessary/desired, especially (0). but ... you know, limited time and all that. really if i can get past the unloadable saves and items (0) and (1) i think i can live with the rest. i'm hoping the (2) issue is already known/fixed based on other reports.


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