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how much it cost?
but what about the people who would prefer power over clever?
the clone would be Ai controlled and do 25% of ur total damage does that answer your questions?
ok how about to help u know what to expect in ur future battales and decicions?
yes i agree but there are people that probably like to be more powerful than clever i would  prefer clever over power any day
yes it would have a purpose but i dont know wat it would be yet
like summon a psi clone of ur self to confuse the enemy and help u in battle what i meant about the make attacks better is it makes the damage the attacks do more
yes i mean like to summon someone to ur aid or something like that
or how about to help make attacks better?
like a fortune teller or a palm reader something in that area
yes it makes the game harder because if ur not ready yourll lose
um how about someone who tell the future a little
thats the point
ok then other stuff than u ok with that? :)
no i mean like a attack that improves strength or other stuff like that
what if u want the info quicker than that?