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Telepath Tactics Bugs / Re: A bunch of weird bugs.
« on: June 05, 2015, 12:15:50 AM »
Oh wow, I did say Silithis in my original post didn't I? I totally meant Siripent but I mixed them up, sorry about the confusion. Anyways here is a screen shot of the assassin jumping down the chasm then back up again on the patch of dirt with the elevation details to prove it's 0 elevation. As a bonus you get to see my sweet cropping skills.

Telepath Tactics Bugs / Re: A bunch of weird bugs.
« on: June 02, 2015, 11:27:47 PM »
It just so happens that I have an old save file from the battle with Leon Hart mission since I play on both my laptop and my desktop and this save was floating around on my USB that I use to transfer save files. I'll be able to (hopefully) reproduce these bugs with logs and screen shots within the next few days. And maybe the Siripent bug is because he's a 'Lizardman' and not a 'Barudit'?

While I'm here though I'd like to share a cavalier bug I found. The cavalier bug is kinda weird and easy to reproduce in the battle on the bridge and involves the charge ability. You can charge off and onto higher and lower elevations. To reproduce go to the bridge battle and get close enough to Ebon, but not in melee range, and watch him charge down the cliff or into the water. It also doesn't count as falling like when a character if pushed or pulled off a cliff where the face is showing and they fall the entire distance. It just puts you on the tile and kinda traps you there. I'll try and get a screen shot of it when I do the other bugs.

Telepath Tactics Bugs / Re: A bunch of weird bugs.
« on: May 31, 2015, 10:01:13 PM »
Also, on the manage inventory screen before the final battle Gunther doesn't appear so you can't give him an axe before the fight like he requests. And Tarion's horns overlap his speech bubble.

Telepath Tactics Bugs / Re: A bunch of weird bugs.
« on: May 31, 2015, 07:55:23 PM »
This is why it's a bug. The red head that boats you over to the mines is a playable character as seen in one of the monthly updates from the sinister design website. You can also see his data in the playable character section in the games files. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Telepath Tactics\Data\Campaigns\The Vengeance of Emma Strider then character classes and search mentalist and you can find this:

<Char tags="Promotable" pushable="true" exp="0" lvl="7" acc="100" poiRes="0" shRes="0" ltRes="0" cdRes="0" htRes="0" mnRes="40" crshRes="0" slshRes="-30" prcRes="0" psyD="12" psyP="9" per="6" str="2" dodge="0" ctrLimit="0" spd="5" en="30" hp="28" atk8="" atk7="" atk6="" atk5="" atk4="Feedback" atk3="Kinetic Pull" atk2="Kinetic Gust" atk1="Mind Blast" defaultAtkAnim="Cast" onDeath="None" ctr="None" lighting="" charY="16" shadowY="32" shadowType="Small" hurtParticle="Sparks" move="land" classname="Mentalist" sex="Male" race="Human" portrait="Oliver Spenks" spritetype="Mentalist_M" charname="Oliver/Spenks">

<OnLevelUp acc="0" shRes="0" ltRes="0" cdRes="0" htRes="0" mnRes="1" crshRes="0" slshRes="0" prcRes="0" psyD="2" psyP="4" str="0" dodge="0" ctrLimit="0" en="5" hp="3" charname="Oliver/Spenks">8,Mind Control,9,Kinetic Gale,11,Stimulate,13,Kinetic Wave,15,Kinetic Vacuum,17,Levitate</OnLevelUp>


Telepath Tactics Bugs / A bunch of weird bugs.
« on: May 31, 2015, 01:44:36 AM »
Found a few weird bugs that no one should ever encounter in a normal play-through, but I love to mess around in mine. First, if you place a snare trap on the ground and then pull yourself into it, you will not get snared. If you then pass your turn and pull someone (remember you're on the trap) onto the trap, then they get snared. Conversely, if you pull yourself into the trap by not pulling anything (if you pull an immovable object, you move backwards but the object does not) then you get snared.

Promoting Sarn Kamina and Silithis both provide weird results. Both of them turned into Caduceus on promotion and Sarn Kamina's sprite turned invisible, while Silithis's sprit did not change. This may be because it took information from the last character I had promote, the psy healer, in some weird bug. I cannot find the logs to save my life, sorry :(

In the battle with Leon Hart the dirt path that leads from the chasm to the mines entrance is labelled dirt in the information box when pressing tab. This dirt has an elevation of 0 but (presumably since it's 'dirt' and not 'chasm') can be leaped on by an assassin without dying, and then upwards across the chasm.

I noticed a potentially unwanted interaction between flying characters and height difference. I understand the mechanic for damage reduction to units on higher ground but thematically and mechanically it seems like flying units should be exempt from this rule since they would be flying at the same height as the unit they are attacking.

Finally, I also have never gotten access to the second mentalist. I have played through the game twice and have never gotten the chance to use him.

Telepath Tactics Bugs / Bridge bug
« on: May 17, 2015, 02:41:39 PM »
When using "build bridge 2" with an engineer if the bridge would have to go over terrain (the water stops before the third bridge piece) then the bridge overwrites the existing terrain, allowing for movement and weird interactions. This is mostly a problem when there is water near a cliff.

I found this while trying to farm XP on my engineer (it's considerably more difficult to get XP when you can't get XP for more than one bridge a turn and I really wanted her higher level skills). In the picture uploaded the red area SHOULD be a cliff with 3 elevation, but the information box in the top left corner shows elevation 0 grass. You can also see the engineer cannot walk onto the cliff because of the elevation difference.

Logs also uploaded.

Telepath Tactics Bugs / Re: Equipment switcheroo bug
« on: May 17, 2015, 01:14:55 PM »
I found another item switching bug, but it's one that you can control, allowing you to equip any item on any character and is easily reproduced.

First you need at least 3 items and at least 1 that the character can equip. This happened at the second the second merchant and may or may not work at the item management screen or subsequent merchants. Next you arrange the items in this order: At least one item to be dropped --- any item that can be equipped --- the desired item to be equipped (ax on a psy user). Then you simply drop the first item which leaves the second item (now the desired item) still equipped instead of the equipable item.

Telepath Tactics Bugs / Thief bug
« on: May 08, 2015, 04:43:43 PM »
When in a mission where a thief appears and the win condition is "kill all enemies" the thief counts towards the win condition. If you grab the contents of the chest the thief is after without killing the thief, then the thief doesn't know what to do and just stands still. This delays victory until the thief is killed.

On the bandit fortress outer wall mission if you press the Z key right away then the engineer moves back with the others as if she already moved that turn. Not a big bug and one that can be easily be undone by restarting the mission, but I thought I should report this.

Telepath Tactics Bugs / A couple XP bugs
« on: April 30, 2015, 11:42:41 AM »
I started a new campaign after 1.026 and my characters turns do not end after they level up. Haven't had this bug before 1.026. It's like you didn't attack in the first place after leveling up. Characters can move remaining spaces and attack again as well as using items after attacking for classes that attacks don't end turn like bowmen and spriggat. The logs uploaded happened a turn after Emma, Lakshmi and Gavrielle leveled up and got a second attack.

Another XP exploit that may or may not be intended I found happens when you pull a target, but only with a physical move (sorry kinetic pull). You get twice as much XP as pushing targets, presumable because the game thinks you are displacing 2 targets instead of 1.

Telepath Tactics Bugs / A couple more bugs I've found
« on: April 27, 2015, 07:44:25 PM »
Sometimes moving a character from reserve to the front lines doesn't work, but only from specific places to specific places. In the image I uploaded I can't move the Golem to where the pyrokineticist is. This isn't a bug with Lord Dakarai or Rebeca Flare, it is a bug specifically with the fifth character in reserve and the right middle active spot. I have had this bug on the second rider attack mission (in town) and a few others that I can't recall. I have uploaded the logs for this bug specifically.

There is also a bug when looking through a shop with multiple pages (supplies page from the merchant in the first big town) where for every time you click "next page" you have to click "back" that many times to exit. If you click next 10 times, you have to click back 10 times to get out of the "supplies" tab. He also sold me two blood orbs. One from before the coria dogs mission and one afterwards. Don't know if that's a bug or intended.

I was told that units get promoted at level 20, but most of my characters are level 20 and a few at 21 and they have not been promoted. The logs uploaded have these characters in it if that helps.

The victory screen doesn't pop up right away if the game is lagging because of the issue that most people have been having, allowing you to move characters after the mission should otherwise be completed. This has allowed me to pick up items from characters I did not kill, but disappeared from the stage because the victory conditions were met. This will likely be fixed when the memory leak is fixed, however this does lead me to another issue.

In missions where killing a boss means the end of the mission (i.e. coria dogs ground floor, coria dogs basement, riders fight in town etc...) AND the boss also has items, wouldn't it make sense to pick up all items sack on the ground when a mission is concluded. From a thematic stand point, the characters should take their well deserved spoils of war. From a gameplay stand point, you may want the boss to be strong while also not accelerating the character growth through powerful items. As a player this confuses me a bit since I don't have any of the items that the rider boss had (which is fine), but I remember that the fencer has 300 coins on him in the coria dogs ground level mission. I feel kinda cheated that a boss character would have items that serve absolutely no purpose to them, but is not obtainable by the player. It's hard to count coins since shopping trips are far and few between so it's possible that you do actually receive the coins but you certainly don't get any bandages or focus pills or weapons from boss type enemies.

Telepath Tactics Bugs / Re: Game freezes
« on: April 24, 2015, 07:06:41 PM »
On a semi related note, on the bandit fortress map after the bridge came down (really weirdly with random stone on the sides of the 3-wide bridge) the bandits kept trying to attack where my wooden bridge was (but it was stone, taking awhile for them to break). When they finally succeeded, they attacked the same spot again (this time it was only water) and froze the game since the bandit "had no valid target for attack" but didn't cancel the attack.

I found a pretty game breaking bug when trying to restart a map where one of my characters had just died. I was on the thief mission in the tavern and I didn't notice they had mega stab so I lost a character and tried to restart by hitting F1 to bring u the settings menu then hitting 'Surrender'. It was during the enemy's turn and when it came back to my turn, the enemies were all gone and the Victory/score screen popped up. I did some testing and it seems that any time you hit 'Surrender', all characters of that team are removed from the map and considered dead when determining win/loss conditions. It even works during cut-scenes, but drops your character's inventory. I haven't uploaded any logs since I didn't know I could until after I found the bugs and this bug is extremely easy to reproduce.

A few other bugs that I've found that weren't in patch 1.0.2 (which hasn't given me the option to download it yet):
-When exploring the bandit hide out if you push Fera, she counter attacks and if you die then the game doesn't end, but you can still surrender.
-In the bandit hide out when you talk to Fera before you tell her you know about the mines, if you walk back to the entrane the bandits have the dialog of "Why is Fera so angry?" before you really make her mad.
-With the cavaliers charge ability, you can move onto unpassable terrain (i.e cliffs, tables, rocks, trees) without falling down cliffs. (Not sure whether you need to target enemy or object). Happened to me by the rider boss on the cliff on the bridge stage and I used it against a bowmen with my cavalier in the bandit tavern level.
-On the bridge and escape from the bandit headquarters level, killing the bosses (i.e Fera, Gulch and the Rider) yields no special interaction like killing Gulch on the Meridan stage. They simply die, drop their loot and come back in the next cutscene (and potentially later in the game, I'm not very far in yet).
-I've noticed that the characters are stored invisibly on the stage when selecting which characters to take for a mission and if they are stored on a breakable object, equipping and un-equipping the psy power sphere deal 10 damage (3 psy defense worth) to the object underneath. First noticed on the bridge stage; broke half the bridge for fun before the map started.

Some other potential bugs/quality of life changes that I've noticed. Let me first say that I really enjoy this game, but there are a few features (or lack there of) that make the game feel a little clunky at times and that any feedback in here is meant to be constructive.
-When managing items, being able to see character stats other than their level is super helpful. Being able to rick click like in a fight to see stats would be amazing. Also, dragging items from inventory to other players/the stash would cut the need to drop, then give to someone else. Similarly, being able to see item requirements and durability from the stash would be helpful instead of giving a player an item, checking it, then deciding whether or not the character needs it or can use it.
-When choosing characters for a mission, some active spots are potentially buggy in the sense that when moving a character from reserve to a spot, then moving another character from reserve to the same spot results in the newest character not moving to an active spot. This is similarly buggy with items. Sometimes when giving a character a new armour or weapon clicking on the equip button greys out all the other options besides equip, but doesn't equip the item (and "equip" doesn't turn into "unequip"). I've also had the cavalier holding a lance and a halberd at the same time (yes she was a cavalier and only mantis knights can use the halberd). It unequipped the shield on her off hand automatically, but I was unable to reproduce these results a second time.
-So far only my mantis knight has been promoted, and maybe I missed the notification, but some more clarity on when/how units get promoted would help reduce confusion. To my knowledge, she got promoted at level 13, but no one else past level 13 (most are around 15 for me now) got promoted. Was it a plot point or a mission or a level up that promoted her?

If you've read this far, sorry for the novel, I'll try and reproduce some of the bugs and follow up on this with logs and more precise information. If you are Craig Stern, then thank you for the wonderful game, I've been excited for this game ever since it's announcement and I've been regularly reading your updates throughout the years. This game is every bit as challenging and fun as I hopped it would be and I'm sure I'll be replaying the campaign to train new units and trying out campaigns that the community has made.

Cheers, Captain Jack.

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