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Apples always restored a bit of both health and energy for me.
I won the apple mission by killing everyone.  It was a shame I wasn't rewarded the apple bags I deliberately left on the ground.
Murdering the bartender takes away his turn phase.  You lose 100 "bonus points" but they don't mean anything.
Finally got around to finishing this fight.  Like Chocobo said, destroying the north bridge is a great help; engineer bomb, crossbow bomb, or a ice+fire spell combo will do it.  If you destroy one square on the "close" side and 2 on the far side it gives you a bit of liberty to range harass the calvary; since they aren't smart enough to go the long way while having a strider in the start area.  The temporary helper shows up around turn 4-5, but he'll only help for this battle (He's a male swordsman who also knows weak fire magic).

Since the AI's aggression is very low, dividing and conquering will have the best results.  Walking around the top of the first house to your left or sending flyers (I gave my new cavalry guy the helicopter pack) north of the west bridge allows you to dispatch the flying force.  Shadow resistant units make the best lead ins: park them 1 square out of their melee range which'll force them to use their breath ineffectually, then use piercing/light attacks to slay them quickly.

The Mantis knights are probably the largest threat on the board, their charge hits hard and they have lots of hp.  Present a flat front of melee to prevent them from double teaming units and use Sabrina's traps liberally.  The crossbowmen and healers behind them will clean up fast.  Now you should be able to get the chests in the two houses without issue.  During this part of the map I found the Shadowport skill of the shadowling useful for traversing through the house walls.

Group up before passing the 2nd treasure house.  When you approach the boss he'll likely use a charge attack, thankfully outrunning his mentalist entourage.  The back airforce will likewise too long to reach you before you kill the boss.
I'm very excited to see the prospects of custom abilities/classes.  I also love the elemental kingdoms trope and am curious to see how yours plays out.  Curious, how would you manage elemental magic that isn't "damage typed" in the engine- TT supports fire, light, dark, cold, mental and 3 physicals.  Would you repurpose blunt and piecing into new magic types?
A few times.  Here's the other logs from that day;  It seems the timestamps are way off, since the problem occurred around 7pm my computer (eastern) time and I don't think I was playing at 6am.
Well, if we know the Tags are being applied to the units, then the bug might be the Tags not being properly interpreted by Craig's Engine.
I have others, do you need later or sooner?  There was no traps there, Sabrina never took the stairs, I noticed it the very first time I opened that door.
As you can see, I cannot walk through the NE 2x door despite it being open.
Tremelo wasn't dangerous for me until he got a weapon upgrade.  Maybe assassin daggers need to be weaker?
Quote from: Thaecrasis on June 03, 2015, 05:19:38 PM
The civilians all take their turn at the same time and do nothing/skip their turn.

While good to know, I humble suggest to our developer friend that even something as simple as "Civilian's Turn" popping up each round feels like a waste of time.  I was SO HAPPY once I had killed the bartender and I don't think the desired effect of the game engine is to make me a murderous sociopath.  Better being civilian shaped objects than units with no mission objective.
Coria Cliffs.  The map is in a sideways S shape, the lower right corner is on high elevation so you'll need to send Meridian your flyer to get the chest there before the thief appears- don't rush the healers with her or the longbowmen will kill her.  When I played this mission you could swim back to land regardless of elevation but that's been patched out now- so do NOT let yourself be pushed into water, or you will die.  Sabrina's Snares are great in these narrow paths but be careful you don't block yourself.
When you get to the golem, take advantage of it's short move range and position yourself so if it "can" attack anyone, they can only throw them onto the solid ground you approached from.  At the top, kill the mages and leave the healer alive for an easy time grinding experience.   

Coria Bridge.  It's quiet, too quiet.  Give your engineer the hover pack so she can drop a bomb on the other side of the water hole in the bridge and then barricade the open square above the water hole.  Move your ground forces to the bottom edge of the bridge.  When the Calvary comes, they'll stupidly attack the bomb you placed and destroy all but the southmost member.  Your ranged attackers can get free exp shooting the drowning while your swordgirls and calvary take turns fighting the last knight in the chokepoint.  Get new bridge tiles to cross the hole you blasted so you can move and reach the shadow mages.  Withdraw a bit and spread out when the spriggans come so they can't use breath on you or get healing support.  Keep far away from the edges (and generally hold back your flyers) when the mentalists appear since they know gravity.  Since 2 healers and 2 mentalists will attack in a group, make sure your attacks either kill, stun, or push into water holes.  As long as you stay away from the left edge of bridge the final crossbowman and engineering bombing even won't harm you.  When enemies stop approaching, free grind exp (anyone except emma can go and kill the left xbow and engineer).  Make sure to grab the chest to the south and build bridges to the north.  Raban will have disappeared but left his sweet gear behind and you want to send melees rather than meridian to fight his Xbow escorts.

In town make sure to buy knife upgrades for your assassin (he gets a LOT stronger with iron knife), and restock other's iron weapons as well (Bows, Xbows, Harriet's spears).  Steel weapons are an option but their durability is low.  You can buy blood orbs to help your healer's HP, lots of armor, healing/Energy restore.

Coria Bar.  There's a lot of targets, but they are mostly weak.  Keep your sides/backs safe from thieves.  Bandits will start counterattacking (they didn't use to do this) and the ones guarding the east have throw Axes which can one-shot unlucky mages.  Since the thieves have high dodge, you can avoid missing by using mental attacks (mind blast from all your casters) or stunning them with snares.  You can easily open/close all doors except the iron one near the "boss" and the AI will not, feel free to exploit this.  The archers on the NE part are very strong and counterattack ranged attacks so get some melee up the back stairs (careful where you walk to avoid the spike trap before you open the east door.  Don't forget that shove and pull work on stools and barrels; while things like the bar counter will open nicely if you use Firexbow or magic.  Once you pull the lever the spike trap in front of the iron door will go away and the Dastard will come to you.  Putting longbowmen up the stairs can take some pot shots on his approach; if you leave one of the double doors open, you can easily trap him by opening the other side, letting another melee walk through the 2nd door and re-closing it all in one turn.  You can kill the civilian to avoid him spamming each round with his worthless turn, but doing so causes you -100 bonus points on the battle score.  Totally worth it IMO- the game get too slow on these long battles to afford letting him live.

Coria Basement.  You'll notice one of the Assassins here is a lot stronger than the rest; and her last name is Hashmaal.  Make either your Bow-woman or your light mage talk to her to discover she's a cousin and recruit her.  Push a stool in front of the staircase to the west (not on top of it) to help block level 9 thieves from joining the fight later.  You could also farm them for exp while staying outside the Light wizard's range.  He uses big AOE lightbomb spells so spread out on approach, use range fire attacks to open the spike barriers and finish the level.

Shop again.  Get another blood orb if you like, and a chance for more consumables and weapon replacements.

Cora Ebon riders battle.  You have a new Male Calvary guy to equip and use.  Guess it's easier to be an old warrior when you don't have to walk everywhere.  I saw all the civilians and dreaded how long their turn might take so I haven't actually played this one yet.

Telepath Tactics Bugs / Re: A bunch of weird bugs.
June 03, 2015, 07:39:06 AM
Charge counts as a ranged attack, so it's given a range/power boost when there's a change to lower altitude between source and target.  I guess it doesn't check for altitude "upward spikes" mid path.
Telepath Tactics Bugs / Re: Memory leak in battles?
June 02, 2015, 04:40:01 PM
Yeah, Flash apparently goes nuts looking for buttons in the object list which seems to grow larger as the fight progresses, even if you might be "destroying" objects as the fight progresses (Perhaps the experience bars created after each attack are new objects not cleaned up?).  Once you get a new map the Object list resets so it's all fine.
They don't drown, I just finished that battle and had that occurrence.  The splash occurs because a Bridge is really a Water space with an object above it; and the gravity spell uses the impact effect of whatever terrain it's on.