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I had set TT aside for about 6 months or so hoping a fix would come in eventually for well-known slowdown effect. Sadly, the "bug" is still there in the latest version.I notice it is the worst on maps with weather effects (battle at Fera's fortresss, bridge/Ebon Riders, etc.).

This is such a great game but the slowdown makes it simply unplayable. It can take 2 hours or more to do some of the longer missions. With no opportunity to save in mid-mission, this proves too frustrating when something goes wrong or I have to step away and turn off my computer. A few times, I have nearly completed missions only to have the game freeze while loading the victory screen or shortly before.

I'll be back in another 6 months in hopes this will get corrected. Thanks again for this great game. Someday I'll find out how the story ends :)

I just finished the mission against the shadowling guy who apparently didn't bring enough golems to the fight. The game got slower and slower and slower each turn. It took me three sittings to finish this mission. Normally I play for about an hour or so at a sitting. So, at least 3 hours to finish the battle, over three days. I had to leave the program running because I can't save mid-mission, and there was no way I was going to start that mission over again after investing the time.

All of this is to say: as exciting as this game is, I can't look past this problem anymore. :( The missions are getting too long and becoming too slow.

Is there any hope for a fix?
Auto-looting chests kind of defeats their purpose IMHO.

The chests are out-of-the way and difficult to reach because they (usually) contain good stuff. The player is therefore rewarded for going out of his/her way. It also adds to the degree of difficulty, as well as replay value ("next time, I'm gonna get that chest!").

I agree it is tedious and time-consuming to gather up the last chest (or two). But I think that is kind of the point. If you want the goods, you gotta work for them!


That said, I was concerned that item bags dropped by enemies were not auto-looted at mission end. This would result in (for example) killing a boss, who drops an item bag, and poof! Mission over, no opportunity to get the bag.

Based on what people here have said, it sounds like these items *are* auto-looted at mission end. Which is good.

Would it be possible to show somewhere what items in bags were auto-looted (otherwise it's difficult to know what was found; I don't recall what is in my reserve supplies from one day to the next).
I keep having to remind myself that this is a *tactical* RPG and not a traditional RPG.

In a tactical RPG, the fact that you can't grind may be part of what gives the game its challenge and distinguishes it from traditional RPG's. I'm not really sure. Do other tactical RPG's allow for grinding?
Thank you for the reply. I use the Mac version that I downloaded directly from the Sinister Design site. So, not the GOG version.

Internet is definitely connected when I start up. I guess I'll have to look into whether there is a firewall in the way. I suspect that may not be the issue since the game notified me of a new version and gave me a link to download when I first downloaded and opened it (at version 1.0).

I'll play around with it some more and see what happens.
1) I have version 1.25 right now (for Mac). When I open the game, it does not ask me if I wish to upgrade to the latest version like it did when I first bought the game. I believe we are on version 1.28 right now. How can I update to the latest version?

2) If I do upgrade to the latest version in the middle of a campaign, will the changes be implemented immediately, or do I need to start a new playthrough?

Let me know if anyone has answers. Thanks.
RE: leather armor+helm > chain mail

Interesting. That may be more efficient in the short term/ early game; but in the long term, maybe it's not the best idea? Some enemies drop leather armor (for free), but if you buy it, you cannot sell it. So, buying chain mail early means that you won't have spent money on leather armor early AND chain mail later.

Anecdotally, I have about 4 extra sets of leather armor that are collecting dust; at least 3 of which were purchased. I could have saved $360 [aura] by not buying any leather armor.

The "fixed income" aspect of the game definitely adds to the challenge.

"Gulch" - that's the name. Thanks. I thought he was an ordinary bandit and came at him with just two characters. He killed Harriet with a backstab that did a LOT of damage. AFter that, I took the time to see the enemy's stats. Sometimes I surrender if a key player gets killed. But after spending 2+ hours clearing that map (and game slowing down), I was OK with moving on with the loss.

It is refreshing to play a game that is this challenging. I usually end up surrendering at least once per mission before clearing it. I have 3 casualties (the golem, the axe-bandit lady, and the crossbowwoman) that I will try to avoid next time.

Maybe the ultra-tight economy is a good thing in disguise. I suspect it factors into replay value. For example, when I play through next time, there is no way I'm buying a grapple chain (a suit of chain mail would be way better).

Someone might hear you and nerf him. :)
I have had this game for about 2 weeks now and am hooked. I get the idea that Craig is looking for ways to tweak/improve the game; as well as general feedback. Here are a couple of things that maybe could be improved. Some are bugs, and others are just suggestions. Thanks again for making this cool game!

-Option to sell items. I lost Harriet (the bandit) early in the game on a normal playthrough and I keep finding axes that I can't use. Would be nice if I could sell them. You could pro-rate the value based on number of attacks remaining. I also have a growing collection of wood shields and leather armor that no one is using.

-Economy. I feel as if I am constantly cash-starved and unable to keep up with the demands of my melee fighter's needs. By the time I buy weapons (which are essential), I have nothing left for armor, let alone fun stuff like orbs or supplies. Maybe the "sell items" idea above would help. I am a pretty diligent player and I like to get all the chests and kill all enemies whenever possible. I cleared all enemies in the "save the spriggat" mission and got lots of stuff early on (2-3 grapples, 2 suits of leather armor, some shields and other stuff). Nevertheless, I'm always broke and my characters are wearing weak armor.

-Items disappearing at mission end. All items on the ground at mission end could be auto-recovered and sent to the reserve supplies. I recall at least a couple missions where I defeat the boss, who drops a goodie-bag, and then the mission ends before I can grab it. On the mission where you kill the Ebon-whateverhisnameis guy, I actually grabbed his halberd and half-plate armor with the guy who appears to help (thinking he would stay with the party), but then that guy never appeared again and the stuff was lost. (Note: I am still on my first playthrough.) Stuff shouldn't get lost like that. I snagged it fair and square! I was excited about having a lance and a halberd (plus armor!) for one of my cavalry. Oh well.

-Reincarnation of boss. I forget his name, but I killed the boss on the "save the spriggat" mission who calls people "noodle" (awesome insult, btw). Then, he appeared again in the mission where you escape from the castle with the golem, thief, and spearwoman. If my guys stay dead when they die, it seems fair that enemy bosses should stay dead too.  :)

-Mid-battle saves? Is this possible? some of the battles can take a long time (especially with slowdowns). Would be nice to have an option to save mid-battle.
Sounds like Craig is already on this, so sorry to pile on. I thought I should mention that I have the Mac version and this is also a problem for me.

Also: I find that if I exit Fullscreen mode, it speeds things up a lot; but even so it eventually slows to a crawl turn by turn.