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Forgot to say that play on version 1.044 (Win10)
I too play on 1920x1080 and experience the same problem.
Switching on and off both the options Full screen mode and Scale in fullscreen you can get a playable screen
but what is worst is that the settings aren't keeped from a savegame to an other
Telepath Tactics Bugs / Re: Ahead with bugs
August 26, 2015, 06:16:38 PM
Thank you very much!
I go and test pronto the savedgame you posted so kindly
Telepath Tactics Bugs / Ahead with bugs
August 25, 2015, 06:55:50 PM
Finally, thanks Craig code, I exited the dungeon and initiated "Rescuing Sarn Kamina"
but there's still many bugs:
- full screen not usable
- some character with black silhouette (Emma, Sabrina, Louise, Rebecca, Madeleine)
- some character with outnumbered actions (Dakarai, Farasat. Meridian, Rebecca, Tremolo)
- an ipertrophic inventory, both general and individual (that's maybe a luck...)

I play on Win10 with TT 1.043
attach log and savedgame
Hi Craig! nice you come back!

I've already replied to original message with download link
anyway my OS in now Win10 (original installation was under Win8)
Thanks Bugfartboy!
but I've said in other post that buyed TT directly from sinisterdesign, so won't pay twice ;-)
nobody has told me which is the update system for those like me that originally download TT from email link...

Ok, I'll wait Craig return  (as a superhero!)  :-D

Hi ArtDrake!

thanks for your reply!
but where is Craig vanished?

I apologize if it seemed I was angry; not at all! but I'm italian and don't master all english shades ;-)
before this stuck at dungeon map, I encountered several issues with TT but could play good enough

may you please say me where can I download version 1.042 to try a new install?
Hey Craig please!

I'm stuck where you know (Random Level) and for 2 days ahve been awaiting a solution...

If I go wrong, tell me where and howto correct


PS: TT is the first game since years that I have buyed: really ironic to me  :'( :3
if I try to download 1.042 patch via the link Telepath Tactics gives me on startup, the installer I get appears to be for 1.033!!!

totally confused, frustrated and a bit annoyed...
Ok, finally I realize that new version were not automatically updated but must be newly downloaded
(I bought directly from you)
so now the question is where can I download 1.042 version
all links I tried from this page
have brought me to payment page

be patient and thanks!

PS: I can't figure why my version does already show 1.042 version...see attachment
I want anyway get the last patch to reinstall my game and can go ahead from Random Level
Telepath Tactics Bugs / Can't update to version 1.042
August 13, 2015, 08:49:15 PM
...because my version was already that!

I'm now till stuck in Random Level as said in previous post under other topic "Patch 1.041: Cannot load saved games"
I copy here what said there:
"I'm sorry, but the link to fix my saved game doesn't work and I can't update patch 1.042 because I already have it!!"

thanks in advance!
Hi Craig!

I'm sorry, but the link to fix my saved game doesn't work and I can't update patch 1.042
because I already have it!!

thanks in advance!
forgot log and screenshot
Hi Craig! your game is amazing despite of some issues experienced as other users: fullscreen mode, inventory, character images...
but till now I played with great pleasure

now I have the same problem: cannot load saved game
after battle with ebon raban and all the dialogues on the ship, I entered the dungeon, checked the characters inventories, saved and quit
now are unable to load the saved campaigne
it seems to me that the Random Level (that's the name exposed in choice box) was not created at all

I play on win10 as normal user with TT 1.042 version
attach Campaigns zipped folder