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Telepath Tactics / Re: Telepath Tactics - opinions
« on: August 23, 2015, 10:35:25 AM »
Ah, yes, I guess it shows that I am only a couple hours in.

Would it work to list the range and different attacks available in the tooltip for each weapon as seen in the stat screen of the enemy / the tooltip on the player's attack buttons? The ranges are obvious on a lot of weapons like swords and axes, but not as obvious for things like the long range bow attack or some of the mages.

As for comparing stats, being able to open more than one stat window at a time would be incredibly handy.

Telepath Tactics / Re: Telepath Tactics - opinions
« on: August 23, 2015, 12:16:42 AM »
Mid-screen (ish) should be a "Counterattacks" stat.  If it isn't there, they aren't able to counter.  Otherwise, it should tell you the number of counters they have left as well as their maximum per turn.

Oh, interesting, I guess I missed that. Is this counterattack stat the same for the player controlled characters as well? Do Emma and Sabrina have a limited number of counterattacks?

Telepath Tactics / Re: Telepath Tactics - opinions
« on: August 22, 2015, 11:56:38 PM »
Hey, I just bought this game today and near as I can tell, this is the unofficial "suggestions" thread. My entire history of this genre can be summed up with the words "Fire Emblem", so I hope it isn't some kind of sacrilegious for me to compare Telepath Tactics to that series.

I wanted to mention a couple of things that have me stumbling as a beginner in this game, to be taken either as suggestions or as requests for someone to point me in the right direction if they already exist and I missed them.

The biggest hurdle for me right now is with ease of access to information:

Weapon durability is found only in the inventory and not during the attack action itself. With a lot of characters to keep track of, each with a couple of weapons, you end up navigating a lot of menus before every attack to ensure your weapons are okay.
I haven't been able to figure out when an enemy is able to perform a counter attack, or even what range they have on their weapons
I don't think it says anywhere what actions are free/minor/standard. Attacks tell you when they end the turn but pushes, laying traps, picking up items, using items, etc do not. Unless I had already learned otherwise, I found myself always assuming that the turn would end after doing anything, just to be safe. Similarly, it does not say what actions are undo-able.
Selecting an enemy will show the squares they can move to, but not the squares they attack. Also, only one enemy is selectable at a time.
Cannot easily compare two units together. Primarily this is a concern when trying to determine if an enemy unit has a good chance of hitting you. You can view your Hit% immediately when attempting an attack, but to see an enemy's Hit%, you need to open your stat screen and look at your Dodge% and then open the enemy stat screen and look at their Acc% and then do some math with those two values to determine the Hit%. A tedious task when there is a few enemies to check.
There is no penalty for changing weapons mid-battle, but doing so is tedious to check which option is better. You need to choose attack, hover over target, check the stats, hit cancel, open inventory, select second weapon, select equip, press close, press attack, hover over target, and check stats again. That's 11 steps just to see your attack options on a single unit vs a single other unit.

I hope this doesn't sound overly critical, these are all quality of life things, but left me stumbling when trying to get in the flow of the game. I am really enjoying this game so far and wanted to post a couple of the things I was thinking about in my first few hours playing.

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