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Yes. I've attached a screenshot showing what the title screen looks like in Windowed mode with Windows' text and icon size setting at 150 percent, a screen resolution of 1,600 by 1,200, and Telepath Tactics' minimum info box font size. You'll notice that the text box in the lower left corner and the right side of the window are cut off.

I don't know if there's a way around this problem, and Windows does warn you when you use a larger text and icon size that programs may not fit on screen.
I have the same problem. If I tell Windows to use normal icon and text sizes, the problem goes away. To do that in Windows 7:
1. Open the start menu. In the search bar that appears at the bottom of the menu, type "make text."
2. The search should reveal something called "make text and other items bigger or smaller." Click it or hit enter.
3. A window should appear. It has three options for text and icon size: smaller (100%), medium (125%) and larger (150%). Select the smaller option and click the "Apply" button that is beneath the screen mock up to the right of the options.
4. A message box will appear telling you that you need to log off to apply these changes. Save any work you have in other programs and select "Log off now."

When you log back in, Windows' text and icons will be smaller, but Telepath Tactics should look right.

Craig, if there's a way to make the game ignore or accommodate users' text and icon settings, I'd appreciate you implementing it. I can use my computer with the default text and icon sizes, but it takes more effort. Using the default size also shrinks the merchant's dialogue text enough that it's a pain to read.
Telepath Tactics (2015) / Minor Wording Suggestion
January 14, 2015, 10:43:29 PM
In the campaign The Revenge of Emma Strider, after the battle where you rescue two caravan guards from bandits, the crossbow wielder asks Emma to help her rescue a spriggat. When Emma asks why the bandits would capture a spriggat, the crossbow wielder replies, "I don't know. To be sold into slavery?" "To be sold into slavery?" should be "To sell her into a slavery?"
I had Emma drop several items, including the practice sword she started with and the bronze sword she gained in one of the early battles. I also tried to equip two shields. Not surprisingly, when I told the game to equip the second shield, the "E" symbol moved over to it rather than appearing on both shields. I assumed that meant the game was smart enough not to let me dual-wield shields and dropped one of them.
In version 0.455.542, I can't start the Emma's Revenge campaign mission where the players are supposed to rescue a spriggat. I can pick where units are deployed, but when I click done, the characters never appear. I still hear music, and I can move the mouse and get information about some of the tiles on the screen, but the mission never starts. I've attached a log file showing the error.
I just got a chance to play the early access build. While the campaign was a bit easy, I enjoyed it.

I would like to echo Jito463's request to show the action bar and movement ranges automatically, as that would speed up play considerably. Ideally, I'd also like keyboard shortcuts for moving (e.g., the number pad), selecting attacks (e.g., 1-8), and rotating. A mouse shortcut for the later (e.g., holding down the right mouse button and moving the mouse up, left, down, or right) might also be convenient.

In the campaign's bridge battle, consider explaining what happens when you pull an enemy into water once the player gets close to the bridge.

I was surprised to see the enemy expose its back by facing toward a wall. It should only do that if it's trying to lure me into a space to set up a trap, which I don't think was the case.

Is there a way to see a tile's elevation when there's no character on the tile? If not, consider adding one.
When I view the character stats for Quddsi, the final skill's experience is undefined rather than 0. Please see the attached screenshot for proof.