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So, during the sequence when (minor campaign spoiler)

[spoiler]Emma is undercover and you can move around freely without turns, I recruited the assassin[/spoiler]

and then gave him the novice battle primer (for whatever reason I expected a combat soon ;) ), but it didn't give him any EXP (he stayed at 0/100). Per the game manual it should work on below level 5 units and he was level 4; if it hasn't been changed or generally bugged I would suspect the bug is something related to the "free roam" section.

BTW, props on that section in general as I had no idea the game engine permitted it and was caught off guard -- possibilities for custom campaigns are endless!
Quote from: bugfartboy on April 30, 2013, 09:57:29 PM
can't wait to get the most recent version of the map-editor!

Do we have any idea when that will happen?
Have you installed Adobe AIR?
Makes perfect sense. My impression playing the demo was also that I didn't see any particular advantage to be gained by overleveling a character.  Along with your points, the variety of tactical situations and possible opponents should incentivize spreading out the experience among members of different classes.
Yeah, in the demo level the assassin has lots of soft targets to pick off and plenty of room to maneuver, plus she outlevels most (all?) of the opposition.

I'm actually wondering about the leveling/experience system.  It seems like it's flat, i.e. no scaling factor based on the level of the opponent.  Are there balance concerns here? What's the rationale for going with this as opposed to say, Fire Emblem where your XP gained scales with the level of the opponent, allowing underleveled characters to catch up and discouraging stacking all your experience on one character? (FE system certainly has what I would consider weaknesses, e.g. Jeigans leading to rather illogical play.  Just curious about the design choices and not trying to advocate a change.)

(edit: Now that I check the demo again, I don't actually see levels on the enemies in single-player.)