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In the foraging mission, it is possible for enemies to pick up and use the apples dropped by apple trees. If they use every apple on the map, wouldn't that prevent the player from collecting the necessary 11, rendering the mission unwinnable? Or is there some sort of check to make sure that doesn't happen?
Shops say that rapiers give +5 strength, when they actually give +6.
Sarn Kamina still gives you an opportunity to shop at the mines entrance even if she died in a previous battle. Not sure if this necessarily has to be fixed, since it makes sense from a gameplay perspective.
He attacked Emma, who was about to counterattack when Archos' "attacked for the first time" message came up. However, the camera moved to a random swordsman at the same time, who took his turn before the camera returned to Archos.
In Battle with Archos, Sabrina was strong enough to kill most enemies with a counterattack, so they refused to attack her -- even after a frost spriggat froze her. I'm pretty sure frozen characters can't counterattack, so this seems a little odd.
In Battle with Archos, a psy healer used Mind Shield on a swordsman diagonally across from himself while adjacent to Sabrina. Sabrina subsequently counterattacked him. This doesn't seem like something that's supposed to happen.
Weather effects still stop animating at the start of battles. Oddly, this never happened for me the first time I played (using version 1.02 or so). Does anyone else have this problem, or is it just me?
If a recruitable character is killed before they are recruited, their death message is still spoken with a blue-shaded portrait.
Telepath Tactics Bugs / Pull does nothing
August 18, 2015, 08:23:31 AM
Pull does not move the target back one space, even when they are in water.

Edit: Silithis and Sarn Kamina's Shove abilities don't work either, at least not when targeting each other. Enemy stone golems' movement abilities don't seem to work either. I suspect movement abilities may be broken in general.
Des Serret and Hee'la speak in the stowaway cutscene even if they died in the battle with Gulch, though their portraits do not appear. Emma also makes reference to Silithis coming aboard with a group of warriors even if Silithis is alone.

(Emma also makes reference to having a "substantial force" on board the ship, even if the party has been whittled down to nothing.)
Hm. I suppose the question to ask is if anyone else has experienced this problem, then. Maybe my version or computer is just weird.

The same thing just happened in Battle with Ebon Raban, actually. He's supposed to order the block of nine troops near him to move after a few turns, right? That worked as usual the first time, but when I lost and retried the battle, that never triggered. The crossbowmen chasing Annel Stormhunter didn't appear either (though Annel himself did).
In Battle with Ebon Raban, Sabrina attacked Ebon Raban with a thrust. He countered with a lance attack, to which she countered with a sword attack. That seems odd; I don't remember anything like that happening before, and most games generally don't allow characters to counter a counter.

Edit: This has happened in later battles too. The sword counterattack also ends the character's turn.
These ones.
My original autosave was overwritten, but I redid the outer wall battle and got a new one.
Telepath Tactics Bugs / Re: Silhouetted sprites
August 17, 2015, 07:14:02 PM
Here you go.