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After the early town defense mission, everyone except Louise died. In the post-battle cutscene, her portrait didn't disappear after her message, and ended up overlapping with Emma's.
I believe it's literally just called "Battle with Ebon Raban".
I never got into Fire Emblem, but this still looks interesting. It's always neat to see characters reimagined in a different style.

(I notice you changed Sabrina's head spikes, though -- that's actually a minor plot point, so it might be a good idea to more faithfully translate them, if you can. Changing the female lissit head spikes to be more like her hair would also work, though.)
Can you make a version of this for the battle with Ebon Raban as well?
Telepath Tactics (2015) / Strider-only run
August 07, 2015, 04:48:38 PM
I've been thinking of trying a minimalist run where I kill off all non-essential party members and try to make it through the game with just the Strider sisters. Given the permadeath mechanic, it's something that could theoretically happen to a very incautious player, so I'd like to see just how viable it is. It'd also be interesting to see how the story is affected (though I imagine it would just make things a lot more boring :p).

I just did a test run myself, but I forgot that the town defense battle ended after a few rounds, so I was left with severely underleveled Striders for the caravan battle, and couldn't win. The only plan I can think of is to abuse the crap out of Pull and grind until my eyes fall out in the first battle against the two bandits. Has anyone tried this before? Any tips?
The topic of this thread seems to have moved away from "general opinions", so I hope I'm not committing a faux pas here, but I did feel the need to express one thing: Though I was very pleased by the game overall, I'm rather disappointed that the focus was moved away from the namesake of the series. The main character isn't a telepath (at least not in the same way the previous protagonists were), and most of the classes are physical fighters. One of the things I found unique and interesting about the first Telepath RPG is that it reversed the RPG standard of fighters being default and casters being exceptional, but now that standard has reasserted itself: there are only two psychics in the initial party of 8, and there is only one shadowling and one spriggat in the entire playable cast. The setting and atmosphere feel a lot more mundane as a result, and I can't help but feel the game loses something because of that. The original Telepath RPG brought a lot of novel and intriguing concepts to the table, but Telepath Tactics...doesn't, really. You could replace psychic powers with magic and the shadowlings with orcs or demons and it wouldn't really change anything. I can understand if you were aiming for a more "low fantasy" approach, but the shift is still pretty jarring to me.

Sorry if this was brought up before, it's a large thread.
In the training mission, the tooltip tells you to move Emma on the first turn. If you ignore this and end the turn immediately, Silithis never gives Emma the sword, so she can't attack. Silithis' dialogue is also a bit weird; she attacks after saying she's going to give Emma a bandage, for instance. I think the sequence skips a step so the dialogue is always one pace ahead of the action, or something like that.
In the first mission (two bandits vs. Striders), Sabrina got both bandits down to critical health (so they would die from one more hit). Red backstabbed her, and died to the counterattack, after which the game gave me a permanent hourglass symbol. I could still move the cursor and summon the terrain tooltip with Alt, but the enemy turn wouldn't continue.

I have Windows 7, version 1.041, and the latest version of Adobe AIR.

Attached are my two most recent log files (the second of which I forced with L).
Wait, sorry for necromancing this, but Emma and Lakshmi are supposed to fall in love? I definitely got that impression from them, but I never saw anything to that effect despite Lakshmi surviving until the end; her epilogue message was just about continuing to fight by Emma's side and find their meaning of life together, which definitely has that implication, but it's never explicitly stated. I would expect something in Emma's epilogue if so -- otherwise the relationship looks a little one-sided.
Rather self-explanatory. Some portraits that are large or have protruding bits (like shadowlings' horns) can overlap with the message box and cover up text. Tarion is a particular offender here with his very long side horns. Would it be possible to shift these portraits to the side, or something?
Telepath Tactics (2015) / Re: Autosaves
June 05, 2015, 11:53:22 AM
There are 99??? I thought there were only 3... I guess there were multiple pages of them.
Snide Devile's introductory monologue will occur for every one of the three stair tiles, regardless of if you've already seen it or not.
I kept expecting Igor and Fera to be directly confronted at some point, but after the escape sequence they just kinda vanish from the plot. The epilogue also says that Fera disobeyed Igor's orders to leave Emma alone, but I don't remember that happening. Is there supposed to be something more with them, or are they purposefully kept as loose ends?
Telepath Tactics Bugs / Duplicated ally drops
June 04, 2015, 02:51:27 PM
In the battle with Tarion, Rebecca was killed by one of the southeast archers, and dropped her items. I had Doran pick them up, but afterwards, other enemies would start dropping her items too. One of them was one of the generic slavemaster shadowlings, another was Tarion -- in addition to his focus pills, the item bagged appeared on the edge of his island, in the southeast corner. I forgot to make a log, unfortunately.
Yeah, I'm not sure what the point of the civilian units is. At first I thought you had to protect them or could talk to them for a bonus, but they're just scenery. Seems kinda weird.