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TSoG Wish List / Re: New Enemy Ideas
February 13, 2010, 07:55:22 PM
I think the abyss/guardian/void bug is a good idea.
But I think another new enemy should be White Shadowlings, sorta like Nelis or Tastiadan.

White Shadowling:
Health: 80
Attacks: Mind Blast (Damage: 13) and Light Blast (Damage: 20)
Resistance: Light
Immunity: Shadow
Counter-Attack: None
White Shadowling Elite:
Health: 120
Attacks: Mind Blast (Damage: 17), Light Blast (Damage: 24 Range:2), Shockwave (Damage: 20 Omnidirectional Range: 2), and Holy Blast (Damage: 26, Damage to all: 2)
Resistance: Light
Immunity: Shadow
Counter-Attack: Mindblast
Make their eyes blue and bodys white or something like that. Eliltes have bonemasks.
TPA2 Walkthroughs / TPA2 hints.
February 13, 2010, 07:43:21 PM
It is impossible to make a walkthrough for TPA2, because there is no storyline to talk about, but hints are available:
1: Don't redo arena battles, go to the trainer and ask for a battle.
2: You dont have to do the challenges, but it is strongly recommended.
3: Think of everything that can happen when you make a move.
4: Get a healer no matter what, they're a must have.
5: Always have at least one swordsman, they can handle themselves on the front lines.