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I had this same problem when playing the game initially. Had it at 1600x1200 and the sides were cut off. Switched the screen resolution back to the default setting on my computer which was 1600x900 and everything fit perfectly.
Telepath Tactics Bugs / Re: Vanishing Items
June 18, 2015, 11:39:54 AM
So I've been testing this bug a bit and replicated a few times on various levels. It seems it can make items disappear or duplicate them. If you put items from the main inventory into a character inventory and then quit and reload in any way the items will disappear. On the other hand if you take an item from a character's inventory and put it in the main inventory and then quit and reload in any way the item will be duplicated, appearing in both the character's inventory and the main inventory. For the items to not do this you must make it to the next level when you move anything. Hopefully this might giver some insight on what's causing the bug.
I downloaded it from GOG... does that mean I can't update it then :/
Hey I've seen that new patches for this game have been posted however I don't see a download link or anything and it doesn't seem like the game auto updates because mine still says it's version 1.01. Can anyone help me with updating to the new version with bug fixes.