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Together in Battle / Re: Together in Battle Dev Log
April 11, 2024, 03:16:20 PM
- wrote two new "life background" dialogue variants.

- character dialogue can now be made available (or excluded) for a character based on their family's socioeconomic class.

- particular proc gen character lines can now be assigned greater likelihood of selection.
Together in Battle / Re: Together in Battle Dev Log
April 09, 2024, 09:22:50 AM
Changes for version 0.6.12:

- began working on a new random event battle.

- further boosted the likelihood of characters who are already friends or romantically interested in one another choosing to interact with each other over other characters.

- added portrait animations to the "ignore" options for the Ishita Svaamee events.

- added a portrait animation to the first traveling merchant event.

- new option for the IfInArea script actions: you can now use an army in the Character Name parameter (e.g. "Army 0", Army 1", and so on) and the game will check for any character belonging to that specific army.

- fixed: bridges below the level of the terrain could cause the game to use the bridge's elevation instead of the ground's for purposes of calculating movement and elevation bonuses.

- fixed: bridges below the level of the terrain would cause the map editor to set the cursor elevation (and the elevation of further objects placed on the space) to the bridge's elevation instead of the ground's.

- fixed: if any of an AI-controlled unit's skills could affect a target worth affecting, all of that unit's skills would be marked as worth using as part of short-range moves toward a preferred area, leading to the unit potentially inappropriately attacking scenery.
Together in Battle / Re: Together in Battle Dev Log
April 08, 2024, 11:29:42 AM
- rewrote the game's dodge animations so that they, like the new parabola animations, are driven purely by code and math. With this, the movement of units on the battlefield is now completely untethered from Unity's Animator component.

- fixed for 0.6.11b: it was possible for an AI-controlled character with a preferred area tag and no viable moves to remain on the "calculate a move" list forever despite having no viable moves, thereby preventing the computer from ever ending its turn.
Together in Battle / Re: Together in Battle Dev Log
April 07, 2024, 10:01:26 AM
- received a revised smile for the blacksmith portrait. (The original was just too awkward to use.)

- fixed: the AI would get locked into an infinite loop when swimming with proc gen units generated with the Swimmer trait.

- fixed for 0.6.11a: due to recent changes in the AI code, the game would throw a null error if an enemy drowned to death at the start of the AI's turn.
Together in Battle / Re: Together in Battle Dev Log
April 06, 2024, 01:03:47 PM
- completely overhauled the way the game deals with parabolic movement to improve performance on slower systems (and to thereby avoid weird issues with assassin Leap arcs visibly lagging behind everything else).

- cleaned up the timing on character "hop" animations when changing elevation.

- fixed: a range error occurred when a stone golem threw a flying character.
Together in Battle / Re: Together in Battle Dev Log
April 05, 2024, 03:47:33 PM
Changes for version 0.6.11:

- balance change: reduced the number of green allied caravan guards that spawn during caravan defense missions from 4 to 3.

- balance change: reduced the chance of a Whetstone appearing in the shop during a given visit from 33% to 10%.

- rewrote the way that the game times combat sequences to end after zooming out the combat camera so as to avoid issues arising from the slowdown in Unity animations on lower-end machines.

- fixed: the counterattacks icon did not display correctly when providing in-shop explanations for why characters wanted Vengeful weapons.
Together in Battle / Re: Together in Battle Dev Log
April 03, 2024, 09:29:41 AM
I've been sick for the past week, so unfortunately I haven't made any progress on the game. However, I made a couple of small changes for a version 0.6.10a hotfix:

- fixed: losing the Blacksmith Rescue mission while playing on roguelike mode would be treated like an ironman mode loss and delete the save file.

- characters will no longer be generated with creepy red eyes in recruitment; that option is now exclusive to the character creator in the campaign editor.

- swapped the eye palette numbers for violet and red eyes.

- new custom menu gray-out/warning type: avgLvl. Calculates the average level of the characters in the current roster and grays out the button or pops up a warning if their average level falls outside the specified range.

- the game now warns you if you're about to embark on the Find the Blacksmith quest with a roster of less than 8 characters, or a roster with an average level below 17.
Together in Battle / Re: Together in Battle Dev Log
March 27, 2024, 12:16:16 PM
- finished the blacksmith rescue mission!

- reduced the height on the pop-up text animation to aid readability.

- new dialogue trigger supported: OnUnitAttacked. This works just like OnCharAttacked, except that the unit attacked does not have to be a character to trigger the dialogue. (Someone attacking a specified object, for instance, can trigger the dialogue with OnUnitAttacked.)

- new script action: AddTagToGroup. This works just like AddTagToArmy, but instead of specifying an army number, you specify an AggroGroup number. Every unit in the specified AggroGroup will receive the new tag you provide.

- new script action: RemoveTagFromGroup. This works just like RemoveTagFromArmy, but instead of specifying an army number, you specify an AggroGroup number. Every unit in the specified AggroGroup will lose whatever tag you provide.

- right-clicking rugs and other objects set to be treated as floor no longer opens the character screen.

- fixed: Create skills would not function on spaces containing rugs or other objects with a true "treatAsFloor" attribute.

- fixed: smashing an enemy up against the edge of the map could only ever deal a single tile's worth of collision damage even if using a skill with multiple tiles worth of extra knockback.

- fixed: the AI was not set to recalculate moves upon removing Inactive tags from a CPU-controlled units mid-turn.

- fixed: under certain circumstances, dummy attack tiles shown upon mousing over an attack button could inappropriately vanish (or fail to appear at all).

- fixed: if a new turn belongs to an army with no units remaining, the game would skip to the next turn without triggering any OnTurn or BeforeTurn dialogue set to trigger on that turn.

- fixed: selecting Investigate when no more investigation scenes exist would kick the player straight to camp instead of returning them to the main menu in Kalkerapur.
Together in Battle / Re: Together in Battle Dev Log
March 26, 2024, 08:30:41 AM
- received, incorporated a brand-new visual effect for Overheat!

- created a new sound effect for Overheat.

- increased the power scaling on Drain from 1.5 to 1.75.

- increased the power scaling on Overheat from 1.25 to 1.5 and gave it +50 default accuracy.

- new optional parameter in the Deployment battle condition: maximum characters. This allows additional deployment spots to be placed on the battlefield without increasing the maximum number of deployable characters for the battle.

- fixed: the deployment window's starting text was being overwritten by default localization values.

- fixed: if a character had a camp activity and the character right after them in order fantasized about them, the first character's portrait would stick around inappropriately.

- fixed: a null error could occur in camp under very specific circumstances.

- fixed: due to an oversight when implementing the new move-tracking code, the computer could fail to clear its internal list of viable moves when an enemy's attack slew a character and triggered a death monologue, which in rare cases could result in the AI proceeding with the second-ranked move without recalculating based on the updated state of the battlefield.
Together in Battle / Re: Together in Battle Dev Log
March 25, 2024, 11:44:34 AM
- finished creating a rough draft of the Blacksmith Rescue battle.

- adjusted Battle in the Northern Stepwell so the rescuee's remaining health is never enough to survive more than 5 rounds of drowning.

- status effect tooltips now dynamically display the actual power of the status effect conferred for those occasions where a status effect power differs from its ordinary default value.

- repositioned status effect tooltips within the character screen so the mouse cursor doesn't obscure any of the text.

- fixed mouseover zones for status effect icons in the character screen.

- fixed: you could trigger the Team Leader's Brother arena event more than once per playthrough.
Together in Battle / Re: Together in Battle Dev Log
March 24, 2024, 01:11:57 PM
- buffed the Specter promoted class a bit: they now get +5 power to Drain in addition to the range and cost improvements.

- added a variant mood called "Heat Sick" with its own distinct narration to make it clear when a character is feeling sick due to working during a heat wave.

- the game no longer counts it as friendly fire if a character attacks an ally while Enthralled.

- fixed: due to a scripting oversight, hiring out a character as a laborer during a heat wave could throw a range error and cause the game to lock up.

- fixed: if a character was moved via a Teleport-type skill (such as Shadowport or Juxtapose), the game would not check to see if it should drop them into water, lava, or a chasm upon reaching their new position.

- fixed: you could undo after using a Move skill that also moves a second character (like Trade or Juxtapose).

- fixed: if you beat Battle in the Northern Stepwell without ever having someone speak to the kidnapped character, they would never return to your roster.
Together in Battle / Re: Together in Battle Dev Log
March 22, 2024, 11:15:18 AM
- you can now Find Blacksmith in the main menu for Kalkerapur after interrogating the armorer.

- wrote the introductory cutscene for the blacksmith rescue quest.

- buffed the Sentinel class: they now gain a 75% chance to block with Defensive Stance instead of the normal 50% chance.

- the Defending status effect can now stack in its power and is hard-coded to disappear when a unit gains a new turn or becomes Enthralled.

- characters can now gossip about other teams in the arena when they talk in the evening.

- reduced the likelihood that characters will talk about the weather when they talk at camp.

- fixed: sometimes, the tooltip for an item's Give button wouldn't show up upon mousing over it.

- fixed: the in-battle pop up text showing experience gain from using a battle primer would scale the displayed experience against the resulting level rather than the level at the time of use, frequently resulting in it announcing less experience than was actually gained.

- fixed: in some circumstances, displaying dialogue in the cut scene editor could cause a null error due to the game attempting to call the gamepad menu navigator component.

- fixed: the tag granting the Kinetokurios the ability to inflict Weakened status via Kinetic Constriction was misformatted.
Together in Battle / Re: Together in Battle Dev Log
March 21, 2024, 10:49:39 AM
- added support for enabling "show single replies" in dialogue branches within the game's dialogue editor. The map and cut scene editors now load and save these attributes correctly.

- new tag type supported: Patrol. This works like AreaPreference, but acts upon a looping sequence of areas for the character to prefer. Once the character reaches the first area in the sequence, their preference shifts to the next one, and so on.

- added a new skin tone that can be used for character portraits: Ruddy Brown.

- added three new eye colors that can be used for character portraits: Aqua, Red, and Violet.

- the blacksmith will now comment on your choice if you name a weapon after a particularly famous one (especially if it appeared in a Fire Emblem game), or if the name contains something dirty.

- fixed: the AI could disregard a valid move onto an AreaPreference space if no valid skill targets existed within range of the destination.

- fixed a null error in the cut scene and map editors caused by the game expecting the online bug reporting component to be present.

- fixed: in some circumstances, adding a row to a map could produce a null error.
Together in Battle / Re: Together in Battle Dev Log
March 20, 2024, 03:27:53 PM
More artist feedback.

- dialogue branches now support an attribute called "show single replies." This forces the game to show a reply button on this dialogue branch even if only a single reply remains--useful for moments when the player says or does a particular thing.

- refined and improved the armorer interrogation scene.

- received finished portraits for the blacksmith and a second character whose identity I am not going to reveal here. :)

- received new clothing for female human portraits: RoyalDese.

- received new clothing for male human portraits: Blacksmith.

- integrated the new portraits into the game and created positioning data for them.

- the jobs board now supports cooldown periods of more than just than 1 day before taken jobs have a chance of appearing again. There is now a 2-day cooldown on the Caravan Guard job and a 5-day cooldown on Cavern Exploration.

- fixed: the logic to prevent the same job (other than laboring) from showing up multiple days in a row on the jobs board was faulty.
Together in Battle / Re: Together in Battle Dev Log
March 19, 2024, 04:57:17 PM
Gave artist feedback on some new portraits.

- the blacksmith now supports renaming weapons!

- it is now possible to alter a piece of equipment's name via an equipment-altering consumable using Name as the attribute to alter.

- added support for Name as an Attribute to Alter in the item editor within the campaign creation suite.

- updated the item editor's built-in guides to include Name.

- fixed: a character portrait added to the left edge of the screen and that same portrait walking to the left edge of the screen would end up in positions about 5 pixels off from each other, occasionally leading to awkward transitions in camp.