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Forum Games / Fazan game
February 03, 2010, 10:53:28 AM
This neat little forum game was introduced by "Xander100", with the following description:

"Well I don't know if you guys know it but is fun ! In my country we play it!
You start with a word , the next guy must say another word that starts with the first 2 initial the same as the last 2 initials of the aboves word . I don't think I am explaining good so here is an example:
house - serious - usage - geronimo - moisture - reload - added

P.S. Try to make words that the next can continue with a new word !
P.S. I don't know if in your country you have a game thats like this , but in this forum i don't saw a game like this ! "

Continuing on from the old forums, the last word is:


As we were playing the game, we decided to avoid words that end on certain two-letter combinations, because there were very few words that started with those. Hence, "Ertxiem" compiled  a succinct list of all the forbidden endings for words:
"The forbidden endings:
*ia, *ic, *ky, *ly, *ll, *on, *ty, *um, *us, *xo, *er, *ry
and all the other two consonant endings that don't start a word."
Forum Games / Associations Game
February 03, 2010, 10:50:32 AM
Just to liven things up around here straight away, a few forum games that were popular on the old forums.
Here is one by me, with the initial description:

"First--Associations game: (preferably one word per post) write down your first association with a word in the previous post and just to make this game more forum-relevant, see if you can get each 10th word to have something to do with TR2? :-) "

Methinks it would be nice to continue where we left off, so here is the last word of the thread from the last forums ('tis not really necessary to make this Telepath relevant, jsut the first asscoiation that comes to your mind):