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Changed it to unlimited. Slots 5-8 now work. Thanks!
Quote from: CraigStern on May 06, 2011, 07:02:27 AM
Gath, did you follow the instructions in the manual about setting Flash's local storage to unlimited?

That's probably it. I really should read instructions more often.
Hey, I just pre-ordered the full version, so that might be affecting this: I can save on slot 5-8, but I can't load. It just says "No save game detected" when I press load game, although there is information (Time, area, affinity, etc.) in the slot. Is this a known bug?
Forum Games / Re: The Two Academies
May 03, 2011, 09:25:54 PM
Ben walked into the academy for the first time in months. His experience with the Helenites had been good, but it was time to return home. He immediatly headed for the dean's office. Luckily, the headmaster was there when he entered.
"Hello, I managed to make it back. Do you have my class list?"
"Yes. Basic Mind Blast training, Basic Mind Shield training, and Advanced Shadow Studies. An intersting list."
"Yeah, well...I need to be good at the basics to graduate, even though I'm very good with shadow."
"Remember to train everywhere. You need diversity to succeed."
"Yeah, guess so."
After he left the dean, Ben headed for his next destination: the library. Helena had a few shadowling assassins in his service, and Ben needed to make their abilities his own. It was time to embrace the way of Shadow.

Ben slowly walked into the academy. He had to stay in this dump for another year. His missions with Darkeye had gone well, he loved using tactics in real life. Even the general had started to listen to hid plans by the end of his service. He thought that was a good sign, as Darkeye had not been happy to accept a human. Not even the great psy, who saved the general at Lake Alto and destroyed the academy could change the general's feelings.
The academy was the same way. Shadowlings sneered at him as he walked by. The toughest challenge, once he graduated, would be winning their loyalty, not tactics. He headed straight for his dorm. During his time away, he had managed to grab a book about advanced light techniques. It had cost him most of his money, but it would be worth it. It was time to learn a light bomb. He decided to study in the library instead, after realizing his dorm was a mess.
Quote from: CraigStern on April 30, 2011, 10:25:28 PM
Quote from: Gath on April 30, 2011, 02:24:42 PMOne more question though: How grind-heavy is SoG going to be? My main problem with TRPG2 was that the climax sort of got ruined, because you had to train for hours before you could beat the final battle. I've played the demo, and it has some grinding, but what about the rest of the game?

My goal with TSoG is for it to be beatable without any grinding. It might be difficult; it might require some strategy; and it might require you to rethink the order in which you approach certain tasks, but I want that to be possible. I've gone back in and adjusted enemy stats downwards several times during development specifically for that reason.

If you ever think a mission is not doable without grinding, I want to hear about it.

Nice! I just pre-ordered, so I'll go as far as I can and tell you if I have any trouble.
Forum Games / Re: The Two Academies
May 01, 2011, 01:21:14 PM

Shadowlings Lose Dimension:

Name: Ben Archid
Race: Human
Class: Assassin (Black Cape)
Affinity: Shadow
Bio: Ben is one of the few Psy to have an affinity for shadow. He learned about it during one of his many trips to the 'Barracks' in Somnus, one of his favorite locations. He earned his black cape last year, and is looking to graduate this year. He's starting this semester late because he felt he needed some real experience, and Darkling, a friend of his, managed to get him a job with the Helenites.
Equipment: Himself. His mind is his only weapon.
Skills: A weak mind blast and mind shield, powerful shadow blast, and moderatly-powered Feedback. He's been working on Shadowporting in his spare time, and will soon develop the skill.

Humans Lose Dimension:

Name: Ben Archid
Race: Human
Class: Psy Fighter (Black Cape)
Affinity: Light
Bio: Ben is one of the best students at the academy, and is already being considered for leadership positions. He's starting the semester late because he was sent to join General Darkeye on a few missions against the spriggats. He enjoys strategic thought of any kind, and cares little about which side he's on. Some consider him a Shadowling Loyalist, and a traitor to the humans, but he has no preference either way.
Equipment: He has too much pride to be caught using anything but his mind.
Skills: A weak mind blast, medium mind shield, powerful light blast, and medium Feedback. He's trying to develop a light bomb, but hasn't succeeded yet.

Forum Games / Re: The Two Academies
May 01, 2011, 09:20:27 AM
Hey, this is an interesting story. I know it's been going on for a while, but could I make a character and join?
TPA1 Walkthroughs / Re: Wiki Walkthrough
April 30, 2011, 02:25:59 PM
No, that's fine. I'm looking forward to giving it a shot!
Great! I'll check out the demo, and I'll be looking forward to those new games!

One more question though: How grind-heavy is SoG going to be? My main problem with TRPG2 was that the climax sort of got ruined, because you had to train for hours before you could beat the final battle. I've played the demo, and it has some grinding, but what about the rest of the game?
TPA1 Walkthroughs / Re: Wiki Walkthrough
April 30, 2011, 09:30:47 AM
Alright, I'll get on it then!
Hey, I'm a long-time fan, and finally decided to join the forums.

Anyway, on to the question: Will any TRPG or TPA game include the ability to play as a main who isn't a psy fighter, or even a human? I've often wanted to try playing as an archer or fighter, or even a Shadowling Enforcer.
TPA1 Walkthroughs / Re: Wiki Walkthrough
April 29, 2011, 07:55:34 PM
Hey, I noticed no one has posted here for a while, so I hope this isn't considered necro-posting, but in a forum with only five threads in it, it seems pointless to start a new one.

Anyway, I checked out the wiki, and it has good walkthrouughs to some battles, but it is not yet complete. I just finished TRPG2 for the second time, (Academy this time) and as a long-time fan of the series, I'd like to try my hand at writing some walkthroughs.
TSoG Wish List / Re: More Strategy
April 24, 2011, 05:04:31 PM
I'd like to see something more be done with character death, especially on harder difficulties. The 'emotional reaction' is a good start, but I feel it could lead to people letting characters die just for a temporary bonus. I would like to see some kind of permanent penalty associated with death. In the current game, as with TRPG2, death simply means 'woops, we'll get them back in a few minutes'. I'd like to see reductions to pay power/defense/strength as a result of death, and maybe lock up the more powerful skills for a few battles after a character dies. (They have to get used to their body again, or some other excuse)
TRPG2 / Re: Teammates
April 24, 2011, 04:29:06 PM
My list would have to be

1. Festus   For the hard battles, you're going to need a healer, and he's better than Anya.
2. Darkling.  He can get behind enemy lines and absolutely destroy opponents. Love it.
3. Grotius.   High Hp, attacks that hit multiple spaces, and fairly good damage. Is mobile as well.
4. Niven.   He has a little less move than the others, but he has higher Hp. The fact that pay power/strength both add to his attacks damage is what really sells him. It's easier to get him dealing high damage, probably the best 1v1 attacker.
5. Shadowboxer.  Speedy, and with some good attacks. However, I prefer to focus on one target at a time, so dark vortex isn't one of my favorites.
6. Guy.   Pretty much a weaker version of the hero, but he's got some nice versatility with pyro blast/hail, and can dish out some nice damage.
7. Anya.  At this point, I'd prefer a second healer over anyone else.
8/9. Helena/Jack.   Similar to one another. I find Jack's snake eyes a good, if inconsistent, attack. Helena doesn't have the same 1v1 ability, but I find that if she's supported by a few other characters, they can make quick work of small groups of opponents.
10. Flint.   Slow. That's my main (only) complaint. However, even with speed, he's not that great.
11.Dorgon.   I find that he's just too expensive. It's hard to get him to deal the kind of damage I would want.
TRPG1 / Re: Rich?
April 24, 2011, 03:52:11 PM
At some point, I think in TRPG2 when you return to the academy, there's a student who's having trouble. If you advise him to drop out, he says something like "Then how do I explain the tuition to my parents?", so it probably is quite expensive.