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Speculation On The Last Acolyte

Started by Zackirus, November 08, 2011, 08:20:48 PM

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Malekahin -> *Unknown* -> Hakim

I was thinking that judging by his clothes, the middle Acolyte seems to be a politician of some sort, which blends nicely with the preacher/judge combo.

Continuing on that note; the Judge seems to look forward and analyze future possiblities, which tailors towards Light-Based Abilities; and because only one option is left; the mystery man would be have Cyro based powers.

What do you guys think though, what occupation or role/affinity does this mystery Acolyte have?
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Since there four elements and four main acolytes, I am guessing that each acolyte will have their own element.  Fernatus used Heat and Malekahin used Shadow, so that leaves Light and Cold for the other two.  I am guessing that Cygus will use multiple elements like the Shadowling Queen.

Hakim as a judge kind of reminds me of The Crucible.  It seem appropriate to see acolytes as judges and politicains since they took over the parliament.


Quote from: SmartyPants on November 10, 2011, 06:38:36 PM
The Crucible

Wait which one the tradgedy/drama or the thing in fable or others?


Oh so this thread isn't dead yet?

In that case, I'd guess that Hakim is cold, and this new acolyte is light. Someone mentioned that Hakim is supposed to be a judge -- I think this would fit better with cold than with light. A judge is focused on evaluating the here and now, not in looking to the past or future. His spectacles and "scholarly" look give him the appearance of someone who prefers distance and rationality in making decisions, and I think a cold judge would be fitting indeed for the game's narrative.

Zackirus mentioned that the unknown, shall we call him, looks a bit like a politician of some sort. I think that if he is supposed to be some kind of high-ranking governor, it would make sense for him to be light. Regardless of what people may -- justifiably -- say about politicians being corrupt and only in it for themselves, by definition, they have to look towards the future. Some look farther than others, but all have to plan ahead and think about the future consequences of their actions. So I think light fits this mystery man better than cold.


Sorry for the double post, but edits don't bump the thread, so.

Anyway. I just completed the game, and
I never fought Hakim. The mystery man didn't appear either. That's rather odd, Hakim's introduction scene felt rife with foreshadowing. Did Craig just decide to drop that plot point and keep it at Fernatus and Malekahin? Kind of disappointing that half the elements aren't represented.