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Irkat the Brat

Started by flack, November 13, 2011, 03:28:15 PM

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Can somebody help me on how to beat Irkat the Brat in Rubat in Psy Duel? I played about 100 duel against him and no luck. Is the only to beat him just be really really lucky? or is there some other way.


Luck is a big part of it.  You need a good supply of merchants and smugglers at the start.  Once you have 2-3 each, trash the extra for Psy Points. The key is to have a psy healer to boost your health.  You also need bowmen and energy golems to pick off enemies before they cause you alot of damage.  The bowmen/energy golems, psyhealer, and a damage-doer will quickly make up the difference in health.  I like to use mind shield, feedback, pyro blast, and cyro blast as soon as I get them unless I am saving PsP for a dark vortex.  Don't waste fury on any unit unless they have 3 or more health.  The exception is you should use fury on bowmen/energy golems, so they can pick off stronger enemies.

Even if one follows my advise, one still needs luck.  If one doesn't get the right cards early enough, then the enemy will quickly drain your 15 health to nothing.  One also has to hope that the enemy doesn't have the right cards or supply of PsP to kill off your units with dark vortex and cyro blast.

Talk to Rahel for more advise on Psy Duel.


Thanks I tried your strategy and it worked. Still took me 15 or so tries though. My Luck isn't very good.


Bit off topic, but how much money do you get from his dad?


i dont know if money is an option i just asked for troops and he gave me 100
mock the pheonix you will burn


You get 10,000 gold if you ask for money.