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New Shadowling Colors

Started by SmartyPants, April 03, 2010, 07:19:30 PM

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What new color shadowlings should there be?

4 (19%)
2 (9.5%)
Orange & Yellow
9 (42.9%)
There shouldn't be new colors
6 (28.6%)

Total Members Voted: 21


I think that the shadowling colors are complete.

Honestly, when I met Lala, I didn't think twice about her color until my Hero mentioned it.


Quote from: Duckling on January 11, 2011, 11:03:25 AMHonestly, when I met Lala, I didn't think twice about her color until my Hero mentioned it.
What about Malis's coloring? You didn't find that interesting?  Personally, I was caught off guard when I saw her strange, purple coloring.  Her different coloring allows some funny jokes that made reference towards shadowling aging.  Like how Malis's purple coloring is making her have a mid-life crisis, it would be funny to see a young, cocky shadowling insist that he is an adult despite him being orange (Since many fomumers hate being looked down upon due to thier young age, many could relate to an orange shadowling).


Many Youth, not just forum goers, could relate to that shadowling as nobody likes getting looked down upon (or being told for that matter) by older people. Though it would be funny to see a small shadowling who tries to act all though towards the hero, and then his mother who tells him not be to rude to the guest (you).

Here is a quick dialogue I just thought up of:

1. Sneerling: [You see an orange shadowling which is substantially smaller than most other shadowling you've seen. A scan of his mind says that is only a child and that is name is Sneerling. He emanates arrogance rather strongly.] You think your so tough human by walkin' into my house, and leaving your markings on my floor. Who do ya think you are? Some sort of Deadly Warrior. I could eat you for breakfast and still have room for more. You wanna go buddy.

a. I never had any intention.... [Sends to 2]
b. Look junior, I can make you whimper in your own smoke cloud if I wanted to [Sends to 6]
c. [Leave] [Exits Conversation]

2. Sneerling: Ya right. You're so scared you're shaking in your... your... ah... (he points to your legs) whatever those are! You know it! All you humans are weak and pathetic and you're the weakest. After all, your just a foul, dirty, stupid, fleshing that has no dam....

Jadeling: [The light blue in the corner of the room speaks up, she has a high clear voice and by a scan he is Sneerling's mother: Jadeling] Sneerling! What have I told you about using fowl language!
a. [Continue] [Sends to 3]

3. Sneerling: But Mom that thing is a Fles...

Jadeling: I don't care who this is, that is not how you treat a guest.
a. [Continue] [Sends to 4]

4. Sneerling: Everyone does it though, all my friends say that...

Jadeling: You live in this house, and you will follow this houses rule until you move out of the house. Now go to your room before I ground you! (Sneerling quickly turns around and floats down the stairs)
a. [Continue] [Sends to 5]

5. Jadeling: I'm sorry about that, he can get over-confident and make rash decisions, I guess that's what it means being a kid.
a. I guess your right [Exits Conversation]
b. Their more to being a kid, you just can't see it [Exits Conversation]
c. Oh, I would know (wink) [Exits Conversation]

6. Sneerling: You think you're so tough, I bet I could take you in a fight. After all you are just a dirty fleshling you no power what so ever.
a. Look I don't want to hurt you... [Sends to 7]
b. I'll just be leaving now [Exits Conversation]

7. Ha you're just a weak as my friends said humans are, now get outa my face before I make you leave, you disgusting animal (He Laughs). You sicken me and you have no purpose in this world.
a. So what, You are just a child[Sends to 8]
b. Leave me alone [Exits Conversation]

8. I am not a Child! (he sounds more flustered than angry) I am an adult that is capable of making their own decisions. I don't need someone to look after me, I can do it by myself. 
a. Whatever you say [Sends to 9]

9. I am, I am, I am (he starts to sound less adult like each I am). I don't need people like you coming in and saying I'm not an adult, what do you know about life and sacrifices.
a. More than you, now goodbye [Exits Conversation]

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Hmm... I don't know what to say to that.


That would be a rather interesting bit of dialogue. I wouldn't mind seeing something like that in the game.
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Anyone want to find the rest of the words?


I bothers me when dialogue tells of actions taking place, and the background shows something to the contrary. It's kind of bothersome when it's just things like Set's greeting not appearing behind the dialogue box, but when he flees the room after the whole doctor thing, he doesn't move. And I don't think that Craig would make a cutscene for something like that, something little.