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The New Missions Idea thread:

Started by flack, December 17, 2011, 03:46:15 PM

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I have an idea for a new mission:

Have a guy who is looking to collect items off of creatures and asks the protagonist to kill certain amount of creatures for those items and then gives a certain amount of reward to the protagonists.
Each time you do what the guy says he will assign a harder task for the next item.

For example:
Mission 1: Kill 25 Bandits. Reward: 750 Gold.
Mission 2: Kill 50 Bugs. Reward: 2500 Gold.
Mission 3: Kill 200 Wood Creatures. Reward 10000 Gold.
Mission 4: Kill 1000 Shadowlings. Reward 300000 Gold.
Mission 5: Kill 5000 _______. Reward (Rare Item or something).


Thanks for the suggestion! Honestly, I've been trying to steer away from quests that encourage people to grind. Grinding is obviously something the game gives you the option of doing, but I prefer that it remain nothing more than an option.


Plus, how would one put that into the story?

Crazy man says, "I hate shadowlings! If you kill a 1000 of them, then I will reward you with 10000 gold."


If they were implemented, perhaps rather than be just some random man saying that, it could be working for the Cult... Sort of an endless bounty hunter sidequest, in which you get paid after bringing back proof of killing whatever it was that needed killed?


I have a comment to add regarding your suggestion, flack: winning battles already gives you gold, and "interesting" items should be in relatively small numbers. So, sorry to say this, but I don't find this idea particularly interesting.

In my opinion, it would be more interesting if you suggested a side-quest with a story and specifying an item given as reward for its completion.
Take a look at a few in these forums (in no particular order, and others may be in the wish list too):
- Ravinale Mafia;
- The Strange Traveller;
- The Golden Egg.

And a few ideas in the old forums. (Edit: the link to the old forums isn't working, apparently.)
Ert, the Dead Cow.
With 2 small Mandelbrot sets as the spots.


I only suggested it because
A. I like grinding and I think some of the other players do too.
B. I thought it would be easy to make.

I do have better and more sophisticated ideas with new kinds of missions but they might take too long and I think Craig wants to get this game over with. He has promised a lot of deadlines and seemed to have to constantly extend those deadlines.

Personally though I don't mind if it takes a couple of more months to complete this game but other people might not have the patience.