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Dorgon Burst Shot Level 2?

Started by Kenshin, December 11, 2011, 01:03:21 AM

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I just leveled Dorgon up in his Psy and I got his Burst Shot Level 2. Nothing happened except for it was stronger. And It was stronger because I leveled his Psy up more. Is it going to do anything different or special? Or is this is it? And he has 4 attacks right? Thats why he has 4 spots for attacks to go? What is the last attack? I thought it might be his level 2 burst but I don't think thats it.  ??? Help. Also here is a picture of his using his level 2 burst shot. [spoiler][/spoiler]


Take a look here, or, if would prefer to just keep reading, I will tell you that no, Dorgon doesn't not have a fourth attack, and yes, Burst Shot Level 2 just makes it stronger than it was before.