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Game developer sentenced to death...

Started by CraigStern, January 10, 2012, 09:44:17 AM

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...for "waging war on God":

In other news, I think I'll be steering clear of Iran for the foreseeable future.


Just read the news post on the main page about it...and I'm speechless. Honestly, all I can say is 'seriously?' It's worse than even preventing freedom of speech. The dev pretty much had to work on the game in order to get any money(or be forced to quit his job in this economy) and is then killed for it. As far as I know, the game wasn't even distributed in Iran! Disgraceful...


Of course, it's terrible. And I hate to think of what they construe TSOG to be (You are literally waging war on the servants of god). If you read the confession, or listen to it, whatever (I think it was originally televised, so I'm sure you could find it),  it is obviously nonsense. You can find a link to it in the article.

At face value the idea of a games developer being a CIA agent seems ridiculous. And I don't believe it. But then you throw in the fact that he has made games that 'oppose' Iran, and he has had a military and espionage based background, and, well, I still think its nonsense, but I wouldn't blame someone for thinking it plausable. The thing that swings me utterly toward it being false is the confession. Obviously, forced confessions aren't hard to produce, and some of the things said; the fact that it seems that he knows the reason behind various US moves - and that they all apparently have an evil ulterior motive - leads me to believe that most, if not all of it is untrue (After all, why would you tell an agent the exact reason behind every operation? Did they send him out of the briefing with a slap on the back and a 'Be sure to tell the Iranian Intelligence Service all this stuff if you're captured?' Insanity), created by the Iranian Intelligence Service and vocalised under duress.

Still, a man's life is in danger here, so I'm going to take the stance that either way, he doesn't deserve execution, and I hope he gains whatever reprieve the Iranian court uses.


I'm against the death sentence in general.
In this case, of course I'm against sentencing Mr Amir Mizra Hekmati to death (even if it was the case of him being a spy).
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This is less about the games he is making and more about his American nationality.  The Iranian government are going to use him as a scape goat for the Iranian public to get angry at and they are going to use him as a bargaining chip to help end the sanctions against them.


Two things, with all do respect scapegoat is one word smartypants "how ironic."

And dear god why I could only imagine if Craig was down there with his game. Hope this never happens to you.


 . . . He's half Iranian, so I'm not sure his nationality is the overriding issue. But yes, it's a political move. One which I doubt will have the desired effect.


Quote from: SteelFist on February 09, 2012, 06:03:03 PM. . . He's half Iranian, so I'm not sure his nationality is the overriding issue.
Iran is perfectly okay with locking up their own citizens as long as they have an American scapegoat in jail.

the rox

This has been true with most nations when forced with various pressurizing scenarios.

I would never endorse such a punishment especially for nothing, but we can't hold ourselves all high and mighty. Never forget the Winston Salem coup d'etat, or witchhunting, again, there is no justification but we can't act like we're above it all.
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Winston Salem coup d'etat?

Are you thinking of the Wilmington Riot, or the Salem witch trials, or is this yet another incident I'm unaware of?