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My Project

Started by Tastidian, March 01, 2012, 07:33:40 PM

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I have a school project that involves web design and its very basic I just want to know how to improve it and some new tricks I haven't been taught yet would be nice. Anyways I forgot to save the index and other links to my flash drive but I do have one page. Also I never used Java on this and I've also barely learned.

The details of this assignment was to create a vacation website across 5 continents and has to have a place to go an activity and a place to say. Its also not online yet.

Anyways here is a link you need to download and put em in a file and all six of them or some images wont work. Don't forget to open the html file with both your browser and notepad.
These files total is only 712 KB (729,088 bytes)

I modified the .html file on 9:24 PM 3/1/12 Eastern Standard.