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Stuck in bandit lair

Started by deathknight1728, March 02, 2012, 11:08:08 PM

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Im on the desert ambush 3 level and there is a rock that im supposed to capture or maintain the space. Ive defeated all the bandits except the ones above the walls. What am i doing wrong? There's a neverending mob that doesnt stop spawning. How do i win?


You need to use non-mental attacks, such as swords or arrows to break the rock, and put the Hero on that space. That's how you beat capture the space battles.


Thanks for your help! i think im moving too far in the storyline. Im just lvl 3 and im fighting fernatus. Damn hes tough.


You're meant to go at your own pace. It's not your level that counts, but how you utilize what you have to wreak havoc upon the battlefield, or talk around a battle, such as with Azma. (And maybe someone else... I wouldn't know.)