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Will we be making a whole party?

Started by deathknight1728, April 22, 2012, 09:33:03 PM

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I have a few questions.  Will we be playing as one single character with other characters and classes as hirelings like arena, or will we be making a whole party. Frankly, i couldnt get into either arena or telepath rpg so maybe ill like tactics. I liked arena because you could make your own character but detested no story. Whereas i thought telepath rpg was good story, but i cant play as a mage. Will tactics be more like arena or will there be a singleplayer?


It seems like Telepath Tactics will be like Psy Arena.  Based on Craig's comments, I specualte that Telepath Tactics will be used to test the new game engine and raise funds for future projects.  After completely Telepath Tactics, Craig will likely use the new game engine to make a single player campaign.

I do hope that Telepath Tactics at least has a frame story.