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Equivalent of Stab for psy assassins?

Started by Chocobo_Fan, May 01, 2012, 07:17:35 PM

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(I know this is rather...belated. I apologize. Consider this more of a suggestion for future games. Perhaps it can be moved to the TT wish list when/if such a forum is made.)

To me, I find it odd that assassins get a number of powerful attacks with special backstab bonuses, but shadowlings get nothing but shadow blast. Perhaps psy assassins could get a similar attack? Perhaps not matching it in power, but it would be nice to have something assassin-like for a class that is supposedly an assassin.

Alternatively, maybe give shadowblast backstab bonuses.


Arman can use three variations of knife.  All the attacks differ in the amount of damage they give, yet three attacks have the same range and cause physical damage.

Malis is able to use mind blast, shadow blast, and feedback.  Malis can attack from two different ranges and use an attack that heals herself.

Armans attacks are specialized at doing side and backstab damage, while Malis attacks are more "jack of all trades, master of none".  Arman can more more easily cause heavy damage to an enemy than Malis, while Malis is not limited in the type of attacks she can use like Arman.

I think the "assassin" in "psy assassin" has more do with the unit being highly mobile, than doing side or backstab damage.


However, Arman can get Mega Stab. Malis has no such equivalent. I understand that Malis is supposed to be more versatile and generalized, but even still, I think there is too much of a power discrepancy. It doesn't have to be something she gets right out of the box, but it would be nice to see it as a late-game ability. It needn't be as powerful as Mega Stab or even regular stab, but I feel at least some backstab-oriented attack would be fitting.


Shadow blast doesn't give a backstab bonus?

I think a psy assassin should have some special attack bonus that would be the result of their higher stealth skills. This means that I agree that a psy assassin with identical stats to a non psy assassin may be able to deal a stronger attack (thus, a higer backstab bonus) to an enemy.
However, including that bonus in TSoG would probably require an alteration to the game engine. At this point in time it may not see the light of day (but it's a shadow blast, after all!)
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