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Guard Llama reviews

Started by SmartyPants, June 24, 2014, 06:01:54 PM

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Despite being silly and brief, I enjoyed the campaign.

While I didn't really find the llama jokes funny, I was easily able to overlook it when I saw the llama sprite in action.  I highly enjoyed the meta jokes that mock typical RPGs.  I especially enjoyed how you make fun of the cliché reasons allies join the hero's party.

Even though I haven't play TT in awhile, it appeared to me that there has been some improvements to the AI.  The AI have a few stupid moments, but the AI could probably say the same thing about some of my moves.  On the last battle, I had a couple characters die, because I forgot that there are items to be used.  This must mean I am too accustomed to earlier Telepath RPG games where the only way to heal is through character skills.

In the dungeon, I had to push a teammate into the water and then have him swim to the switch.  I think it would have been a better idea to the character use cyro blast to make a ice bridge.


I'm glad you enjoyed it! Fun fact: the fourth battle is procedurally generated, so it'll be different every time you play through the campaign. ;)

[spoiler]You can trigger the switch by shoving a block from the water onto the pressure plate as well.[/spoiler]