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Energy Golem

Started by SmartyPants, January 13, 2013, 09:11:17 PM

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Would you like to see Energy Golems in the Telepath Tactics campaign?

4 (40%)
4 (40%)
1 (10%)
1 (10%)
Hell No
0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 10


Thank you! That was in-depth and informative, and the time you spent to write that is appreciated.

So we know it's after the Shadow War -- is it a possibility that Energy Golem tech hasn't reached the Dundar Archipelago yet, despite the months or even years that have passed? I'm inclined to think that it would make more sense if it were months, and less if it were years.

Truly, if we get more information in the campaign that tells us more precisely the time, that could confirm or refute the possibility of self-contradiction in the lore. However, I'm going to remain with my null hypothesis of non-contradiction until such time as more light can be shed on the matter.


Quote from: Kickstarter Update #3: Character classes and promotionsExtra character classes with animated sprites is exactly what it sounds like. There are loads of possibilities: axe-wielding bandits, more types of golems, lizardmen with bows, shadowling guardians, and so on.
Due to a Kickstarter success, it looks like it is possible that we will see "more types of golems" such as the Energy Golem.


Quote from: C:\Program Files (x86)\Telepath Tactics\Data\Campaigns\Kovit\Attacks.xml<Atk elem="Light" name="Laser Blast" d="0" cst="9" minRng="1" maxRng="1" shkMag="0" shkTim="0" strD="0" powD="1" defD="0" backstabFactor="1.5" sidestabFactor="1" selfHealFactor="0" selfFocusFactor="0" accMod="0" statFX="None" affects="Health" afterAtk="EndTurn" AOE="single" particles="Sparks" targeting="constrained" moveType="Normal" knockback="0" creates="" createdOnTeam="" dependsUpon="" desc="Hits numerous targets in a row."></Atk>
Telepath Tactics already has the Energy Golem's signature attack in the game's programing.  This is a good sign for those hoping to see an energy golem in the future, because it appears that Sinister Designs is already laying down the groundwork for introducing the third type of golem.  The only cause of concern is that the Laser Blast only has the range of a melee attack.

The capabilities of an energy golem would greatly be reduced it had to recharge energy in order to fire again, so I do like that the idea of Laser Blast costing a lot of energy in order to attempt to stop it from being a game breaker. 


Ah, yes. That was an early attempt from back before I realized that I'd likely have to code a custom solution for its attack to work well. It's still not a priority, but I might get around to it eventually.


If any of you played Shining Force, there is a battle where an enemy controls a laser eye. The laser eye has very long range and shoots about once per 5 turns. Maybe you can make this Energy Golem appear as a captive just to make an appearance. Seems like it's very overpowered but it'd be nice to see it in the game, even if you don't get to use it. New here but love Telepath Tactics and want to play more than just the demo. T_T


I'd be lying if I said the Energy Golems weren't inspired at least in part by Shining Force's laser eye. :)