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TSoG Cheats

Started by KZ, February 09, 2010, 12:51:16 PM

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"For those of you who don't want to play fair, or find it hard to pass a hard battle in-game.
Beware: TRPG3 currently is the only Telepath project that has cheats in it (and not just exploitable bugs).
In order to use a cheat, start a new game and type (without brakes between words, capitalizing letters of each new word) the cheat as the name of the TRPG3 Hero.
The list of cheats and what they do is the following (and the user who discovered the cheat):

*highlight the text to read*

SoImpatient - Skip introduction (Prison Break) (Given)
Untouchable - Physical Resistance (KZ)
Charismatic - 99 Personality (KZ)
MrMoneyBags - 6K Gold (Given)
Inflammable - Heat Resistance (Barzul)
Unfreezable - Cold Resistance (Barzul)
RollingInIt - 90K Gold (Mr Manlyguy)
ABigCheater - Health and Power (the random one)

Here you can find the thread for trying to crack the remaining cheat codes.
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