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Griffin's Dialogue, and Number of Soldiers

Started by celer, September 26, 2013, 06:49:48 AM

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I will keep this updated with people's numbers so we can get more exact values. After that, we can begin experimenting to see what happens when

1630-2030: We have a good-sized force now. It's possible that we could prevail if we were to march on Ravinale. Still, I'd feel better if we had more men. , but he wants more.


He gives the same message with 1181 troops and 3002 troops. 1181 was enough to march and fight the battles and talk Cygnus into surrender after a fairly long argument. Marching with either 1181 or 3002 results in the same concern from Griffith that the battles must be quickly won before the forces are overcome. Perhaps the game timer is set based on the number of troops?

note, if we must try to guess kapcha for each post then I do not plan to post here often.