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Class Promotions

Started by Piccolo, September 18, 2013, 07:57:53 PM

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So I've looked around a bit and haven't seen anything about class promotions? Fire Emblem and Shining Force were all about having to promote your characters and I absolutely love it. Will there be anything of the sort in Telepath Tactics?


Quote from: CraigStern on July 29, 2013, 06:19:20 PMI've also made some headway in drafting advanced "promotion" classes. My original plan was to give the player a choice of multiple promoted classes upon promotion, a la the GBA Fire Emblem games, but it's becoming obvious that there's no way I can make that happen in a reasonable time frame. The sheer number of them would make balancing extremely difficult, and there are still too many character animations left for the regular classes as it is. So I'm going to handle this more like Shining Force / the more recent Fire Emblems: one promotion type per class (though I might consolidate a couple).

Here's what I have so far:

Whisper (Assassin Promotion) – Difficult to hit, incredibly mobile assassins. Can use Daggers and Throwing Knives. Gains +25% Dodge and +1 Speed.  Learns Vanish (for the rest of the turn, makes it so the Whisper simply escapes the battlefield unharmed if reduced to zero health).

Duelist (Swordsman Promotion) – Fast, good at going toe-to-toe with powerful physical enemies. Can use Swords, Main Gauches and Rapiers. Gains +15% Dodge, +10% Accuracy and +10% Pierce Resistance.  Learns Feint, Disarm.

Halberdier (Spearman Promotion) – A versatile soldier with multiple weapon masteries. Can wear heavy armor and use large shields; can use Axes, Spears. Gains +1 Strength and +5 Health.

Machinist (Engineer / Crossbowman Promotion) – A medium-tier fighter with Golem-specific support skills. Learns Oil, Repair and Engine Boost. Can use Wrenches, Crossbows. Gains +1 Strength, +3 Energy and +1 Health.

Caduceus (Psy Healer Promotion) – The caduceus is a master of shields. Learns Static Shield, Solid State Shield, Far Shield. Can use the Indigo Orb. Gains +1 Psy Defense and +4 Energy.

Deathspeaker (Skiakineticist Promotion) – The deathspeaker is skilled in all things concerning negative emotion. Learns Feedback, Dark Vortex and Vengeance. Gains +2 Psy Power.

Nightstalker (Shadowling Promotion) – The nightstalker is a devious fighter, able to teleport around the battlefield and delude enemies into seeing false copies of itself. Learns Shadowport, Hallucination. Gains +2 Health and +2 Energy.