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True or false? - Next Person

Started by Hafnium, July 25, 2015, 07:27:12 AM

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This is a really simple game and you can say something more than once. So what you do is like...

User1: The next person loves pizza

If you actually love pizza, then you'd say...

User2: True.

The next person is _________

And if you weren't, then you say False and vice versa.

I'll start:

The next person loves sandwiches.
← My official team. Zirconium's official team →


False. Don't really love 'em, and I much prefer a nice wrap.

The next person has some strong opinions about time paradoxes in sci-fi.


True. Time paradoxes should be more consistent across a series. You can't say "Oh no a time paradox! We're all going to die from scary flying time monsters!" one episode, but say "Oh yay we made a time paradox and that starved ouy the weeping angels for us with no adverse effects!" in another.

The next person is skilled with pixel art.


Sadly, false. I've never spent the time to get good at it, and something tells me meticulous detail wouldn't really be my jam; I'm much more of a broad strokes kinda guy.

The next person's answer will be "false."



True. I am who the previous person was, but I wasn't the next person when I was the current person.

The next person can't stand collard greens.


True. I can sit them, though.

The next person will be a member of these forums.


True! How'd you know?

The next person scoffs at the idea of cryogenically freezing people.


False. Cryogenically freezing people isn't too hard, it's ensuring that you don't damage to the body in the process that's the issue.

The next person will question their existence as a person.


False. I question the existence of philosophy as meaningful.

The next person has no moral objections to cybernetic enhancements.

[Sorry, I'm clearly on a cyberpunk bent at the moment.]


True. I think that we're in for quite an amazing world once cybernetic enhancements become the norm! Until then, I await the invention of the real life NerveGear or AmuSphere. (Which I think will be in development right alongside more advanced cybernetic enhancements. Need to learn to interface with the nervous system somehow! :D)

The next person will not be on a cyberpunk bent at the moment.


Demonstrably false.

The next person thinks leek and potato soup is pretty all right.