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King of the hill

Started by Mopman, February 04, 2010, 02:43:06 PM

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I take the Rolex watch...

and put it on. Thanks, and Happy Holidays! I send you an animated interactive hologram of a cute, sweet, Maine Coon cat named Tigby.


Aww. I use it to brainwash children into becoming perfect soliders. But in a cute way.


Hmmm... stupid Hill. You can have it. I'm too nice to beat you; you brainwash children, whereas I could never do that.


Quote from: Duckling on January 14, 2012, 10:33:52 PM
Hmmm... stupid Hill. You can have it. I'm too nice to beat you; you brainwash children, whereas I could never do that.
Is that it, then? SteelCo has no more somewhat equal opposition?

This just got over 9,000 times more boring.


Amongst all the brainwashing and raising of white flags and such, I become the mirror of universes, and turn my equal yet opposite powers in every universe to nullify any defenses, weapons, powers, etc. Essentially, I just wasted everything for everyone. Only the hill and normal people survived.

No ones hill!


Nuh-uh. You see, your mirror power of magic is magickonegative power - something which I can control, and have a great deal of. Using this, I prevent you from destroying me while I convert a great deal of my energy (Via one of Ducklings Devices, reverse engineered) into magickonegative power. Using this, I overwhelm your attempt to mirror the universes, and while you are distracted, I quickly form nanobots which can absorb magickonegative power. These, I use to absorb your power, nullifying your control of the anti-arcane and effectively doubling my power. I then crush you, and absorb your powers, whilst capturing your soul and torturing and brainwashing it for information on how you became a mirror of the universe.

Hey, look, seven years bad luck (Or something like that). I just broke a mirror!


I file a bug report with Zeus.


I'm afraid the bug report will be returned because you didn't write in ancient Greek...
And, by the way, Olympus is a mount, not a hill. Just in case you're thinking of something funny! :P
(Hey! I leaned that mytikas means nose in Greek!)

But I ramble. I go back to drink some maple syrup. Cheers Zackirus.
Ert, the Dead Cow.
With 2 small Mandelbrot sets as the spots.


Just to make things interesting again, I initiate the fail-safe on all the anti-matter weapons given to Steelfist.

All cannons are pointed on SteelCo planets and barracks, bombarding the worlds with balls weighing up to 50 kilograms (About 2150 megatons worth of force), causing massive damage to your supply worlds, your military worlds, and just destroying civilian worlds because I feel cruel right now. Anti-arcane shields still on, so your black magic cannot reach Neptune or any of its moons. Also not that, though offered, I never actually let you transform any of my troops into "Semi-Steel Knights."

I await retaliation.


Duckyrodium automatons engaged! Infinite encryption engaged, preventing reverse-engineering! Nanobots activated! Orbital missile stations have stopped orbiting and are now holding still, which is really weird! Zero-point energy receptors accelerated to produce indefinite energy from a point (installed in core). Mobilised!!!

ATTACK! No, not Duskling! Attack Steelfist! Okay, they're going the right way now.

The bug report took a while to translate into Ancient Greek, but finally Zeus got my 515 report: godmodding power misplaced.
As such, Zeus deactivates your powers of narrative causality, meaning that you actually have to say how in the world you do stuff!

Finally, I send my Elite High Paladins of the Duckling Order to meet head-on with your Steel Knights. Magical metal, meet phamtasmagioria-dispelling caustic nonmetals!

Duskling, I don't even want the Hill any more. This is about Justice, Freedom, and the Danish American Way!! I propose, however, an alliance of jolly cooperation!

(Dark Souls, anyone?)


Proposal accepted, and while my advisors believe that you won't try to pull anything, a bit of skepticism never hurt anyone. Cannons shall remain operational, as SteelCo hasn't retaliated yet.


I file a report upon Steelfists head for use of unnecessary force.

Yup. Makes no sense, but whyever not?


Unecessary force? I fail to see how any force could be unecessary; I've just been betrayed as I try to make peace and usher in a golden age of co-operation.

I don't even see why I've been betrayed - Oh wait. I see why I've been betrayed; you're fighting for the American way.

Very well. It amuses me that you believe yourself able to destroy me; the Steel God. Zeus holds no power over me; If I so chose, I could destroy the planet, removing his sphere of influence. Therefore, I must be more powerful. On a side note, I appear to be betrayed a disproportionate amount of times - is it because I godmod better than you?

I channel my power through my Steel Knights, making them powerful enough to destroy entire suns individually (Note than phantasmagoria is creating the illusion of magic, whereas this is 'real' magic), then order them to defend themselves with non lethal force. It is at this point that I project my mind into Duckling's through the paladins, dominating his entire army and himself. Then, I compell you to remove your encyption and transmit schematics for the devices. Then, I have your Paladins and Nano-bots destroy your weaponry and each other leaving you with nothing to fight with. Then, in the true spirit of the American way, I make your head explode.

It is at this point that I use the projection machines. As they are not technically magical (Being Lovecraftian science), they are not affected by the anti-arcane shield, and I take control of your turret's targeting systems and shut down the shield. I make the turrets fire on the base and subsequently the entire planet and each other. In doing so, I have destroyed your Base, planet and all weaponry that can compete with a Steel Knight - the cannons. I then send in my Steel Knights to scour the moons of Duskling soldiers, with orders to capture as many as they can alive. There are one or two casualties from unexpected anti-matter fire, but aside from that my Steel Knights magical and regenerative properties allow them to crush their opponents with relative ease. And with the prisoners? I have them crucified on every planet that was harmed by your unprovoked assault.

So, my Hill it shall remain, for now. Note that Duskling, in the unlikely event of your survival, popular opinion has been heavily slanted against you and Proteus due to your destruction of civilian worlds; no-one will support you, and most will likely capture you and hand you over to me for the hefty reward I'm offering, even if they don't kill you outright for being murdering scum. Have fun being the most vilified person in the universe, won't you?

And rebuilding just got a lot faster with the use of Zero-point energy receptors.


I'm sorry; you can't do that.

Try again.


Infantile Duck.  ;) Your head already exploded. You're dead.

Unless you can give a valid reason as to why I can't do that, I'm afraid I can. And since you're dead, so you should probably stop talking.