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Classifying/Analysing Attacks

Started by KZ, February 28, 2010, 10:09:57 AM

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Which is why it's such a good combination with cryo cross. Any damage you recieve from any surviving enemies can be sucked right out of them. Often times quickly finishing them off. This allows for quite a few battles to be ended in very few turns with little PSP cost. And since all the enemies are usually focused on the main, little danger of losing a teammate.


hmm it's weird before reading KZ post I never thought of using cryo cross defensively I bet when it was created it was meant to be defensive.


Not necessarily: after all, these are inherently offensive attacks. But then, people adopt them to quite different uses: Vengeance seems like an initially defensive attack, yet many here use it for offensive purposes.
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It's all based on your strategy. ^^ Really no strategy is better than the other, whichever gets the job done is a good strategy. like Paper, rock, scissors. My strategy would be great in a certain situation where another's would fail, but in a situation in which their's would be perfect mine could fail.


I always thought a good strategy was an adaptive strategy, but you really can't change your moves from light bomb to cyro cross. I normally stick with cyro cross since it does the most damage and hits the most squares. I just get in close and have a healer use long shield if I need it.
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'Tis evident that your attack selection will depend on your strategy. However, given the number of slots we have for TSoG Hero, we can truly specialize him now, and then select different attack combinations for each mission- then the adaptive part comes into play.
In some battles I prefer to lure the enemy in, then pound them with troops, other times I go for one bit at-a-time, stripping the boss of reinforcements. And sometimes I go for all-plugs-pulled attack.
In any case, Light Bomb is the one I do like the most, coupled with Vengenace to back it up. But then Cryo Cross requires finesse of style, a challenge to set up the enemy in just the right fashion so that the Hero does the most damage: and that is also rather appealing.
Is there anyone who likes Pyro Hail most? The cheapest of them all?
Or Dark Vortex?
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I agree with yogc an adaptive strategy is best after all no plan survives confronting the enemy.

John Flame

The skills i use(note i play with friendly fire on)

Mind Blast-Essencial skill,low cost and if trained good damage.

Big Shield-Also essencial if you are a (Berserker) because it can heal you and team.

Cryo/Pyro/Light/Dark Blast-Essencial,no words!

Cryo Cross-Good and awesome(not wen Friendly Fire is on)
Pyro Hail-Awesome with Friendly Fire on and can hit corners(But without Friendly fire its weak)
Light Bomb-Good for a long range pwnage.
Dark Vortex-Most Offensive,use it at cost of geting hit!

Feedback-Mini-Vengeance for wen not enough PP.

Vengeance-Awesome for the*Thanks for the present here take one to*hit!

And this is wath i mostly use!!!!My favourite is Pyro Hail cuz low cost,low damage but:)Constant casting on jultyple enemies makes them French Cheese!
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The only options, so far, are basically Cryo Cross and Light Bomb, seeing as long as they are there there isn't much reason to get Pyro Hail/Dark Vortex.

Btw, Light Bomb is the least damaging of the four. Cross and Hail do the most damage.


Well, for Dark Vortex you get an attack that can allow the Hero to strike the enemy down even if cornered, it costs less (and those 2PsP points can make quite a difference), hits the same number of tiles, allows the Hero to attack unit formations from any side of the map with ease. (Say, if the enemy comes up too close, and the Hero is located on the side of a map, then the enemy will be out of Light Bomb range- great example is Dean Lucas from TRPG2 battle.) Also, the attack deals more damage on the same level.

About Pyro Hail I do agree completely, though. I am hard pressed to find any advatantages to it that one cannot find in better form with all the other attacks. After all, if, for instance, you want more reach, than it's better than Cryo Cross, but it costs almost the same, yet hits only 5 tiles to Cryo Cross' 12. Better go for Dark Vortex then, with 4 PsP more cost, it covers 9 tiles and can damage many more combinations of enemy formations. And if you want to go cheap, then Dark Vortex may be too expensive, but Cryo Cross costs only 1 PsP more and covers more than twice the area! Either way, there is always a better alternative, in my opinion.

Here is a challenge: can anyone come up with a very good reason or a good battlefield situation where Pyro Hail can be often and frequently used in prefernce to the other 3 attacks?
I really think that Pyro Hail is in a transient class of it's own: it's more advanced than the Elemental Breaths, but it's lower class than the other 3 elemental area attacks. The Heat equivalent would be Fire Gate, which has range exactly between Dark Vortex and Light Bomb.
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Looking at the stats in the wiki, it seems to me that pyro hail has a lower rate of increase of damage when used, when comparing it with cryo cross thus making it even less appealing to use 12 PsP.
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