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Updating the game version

Started by Sythion, January 12, 2015, 07:09:02 AM

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Having finally picked up TT about a week ago (yay!) I found it rather annoying that "updating" is downloading a new .exe, overwriting the previous version. I was wondering if there's any way, preferably in-game to apply a minor patch instead of having to reinstall the game with every new update.
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I think the current method of updating works fairly well.  Sure it might be a just a little irritating having to redownload download the entire game any time there's an update, but it's actually a fairly small download for most PC games these days.  (If I remember correctly the last installer was just shy of 200MB.)  At this point it might also be too late to implement a new method, seeing as every version of Telepath Tactics has been distributed through Adobe Air, and I'd be a little surprised if Craig had the time and funds to develop and implement a different installer.  But don't forget: Telepath Tactics has also been lit on Steam Greenlight, and will likely be distributed through Steam at some point if you have a key.


The current method it definitely manageable, so it seems I'll simply update when there's either a sizable patch or several small ones. That being said, I'll be happy to hear about an alternative if one exists.
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Bugfartboy is correct; the Steam version is going to need to be integrated with Steam, which I'm fairly certain means that it will need to use Steam's patching system. I'll be implementing that over the next couple of months.