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Game freezing bug in AI games

Started by LightningLord2, April 17, 2015, 04:26:57 PM

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Whenever my opponent's turn begins and there's any reason he won't move any units (such as all waiting for me to get closer or everyone in their team is frozen/stunned), the Opponent's Turn notifier stays on-screen indefinitely, leaving me unable to continue. I can't continue the campaign this way since I'm playing a large map with lots of passive units, demanding me to expose my units to enemy attacks at all times.


Hey! Do me a favor and capture a log the second the game starts freezing like this, then send it my way. That will help me a lot with fixing the bug! (More info on how to do that here:


Here you go:

This should be the last game I played in the campaign.


Thank you! I should have this fixed in time for the next update.